Monday Musings

The first Monday back from the Holiday break.    We celebrated, I cleaned, we celebrated some more…I am exhausted.   All things being equal, I am happy to have “the Holidays” behind us.  I am more of a long day, warm weather, sunshine loving kind of person.  And, I would rather not be told when to be Merry…

But, I am getting off point here.  One cliche that the Holidays brings us each year, is the concept of New Year’s resolutions.  In general, I try not to make them, as I realize I am just setting myself up to feel badly if I break them (again).  However, for me, January, not only brings a New Year, but a Birthday, as well.  The double whammy of self assessment and reflection.

In addition, this year marks a full decade of my life as a Mother, (now of three children).  It also marks a full decade of living life in the suburbs, as a homeowner.  All great things, all big accomplishments, just a little hard on the waistline…at least for me.  So sticking with the theme of ten…I would really like to drop the ten solid pounds that have crept up on me since 2000.

I am not willing to start any fad diets,  or even (drastically) reduce my calories.  What I am willing to endeavor,  is to kick start my exercise regime into high gear.  With that realistic goal in mind, I think the following purchases will serve me well.

Heart Rate Monitor @
Wish me luck. 

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