My Pretties

Hello my pretties, and Happy Halloween!  Halloween has changed so much since I was a child, we used to just carve out a pumpkin and leave it on the front stoop.  Nowadays, its seems like every other house in our area is decked out to the hilt in festive Halloween decor.  I have to confess, when it comes to decorating for the Holidays, I usually just go with the bare essentials…and then only because of my children!  But, some of the ideas I see are so fun and creative, it’s hard not to get swept up in the “spirit”.  Do you decorate your home for Halloween?  My front door is in the last image below…

{this last image is my house}

Post Note:

I took the photo above on October 27th…but today, October 31, our front stoop looks more like Christmas!  We have no power and and no school…it’s like a Tim Burton movie around here.
Happy Holidays Halloween!