Obsession Du Jour: Cullman and Kravis

I managed to get seriously lost in the Cullman and Kravis portfolio the other day. Each inviting image captured my attention and my imagination. As you can see,  I’m already starting to scheme and dream about all the design possibilities for our new home. I even went ahead and ordered this book: The Detailed Interior: Decorating Up Close with Cullman & Kravis.
So much inspiration, so little time…

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  1. Gorgeous! They are new to me and I love it all. That bathroom is divine! Thanks for sharing this and jump starting my inspiration for the week! Have a great week. xo Nancy

    Published on 7.28.14 · Reply
  2. Gorgeous photos, Sue. LOVE LOVE LOVE the first one of the bedroom. Have a great week!

    Published on 7.28.14 · Reply
  3. Love Ellie's and team's work!! So varied and yet always such informed attention to details, down to the candy in the dishes!!

    Published on 7.28.14 · Reply
  4. How amazing are they, I met her at a design seminar at the D&D and she as not only talented but very gracious and friendly too! Hope all is well!!Karolyn

    Published on 7.28.14 · Reply
  5. I have been reading about your new home on FB! I wanted to pop over here to say congratulations! I'm sure it was bittersweet leaving your old home, which you put so much love into. I can't wait to see what you do with your new home. xo

    Published on 7.28.14 · Reply
  6. Each room is better than the next!




    Published on 7.28.14 · Reply
  7. Gorgeous details and love their use of fine art and photography in design!

    C. Z. Guest: American Style Icon
    The Arts by Karena

    Published on 7.28.14 · Reply
  8. Fabulous design! Love the bedroom, love every single detail, everything combines so perfectly!
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    Published on 7.29.14 · Reply
  9. Just beautiful…thanks for sharing! Have a beautiful day, Sue!!! xoxo

    Published on 7.29.14 · Reply