One Fine Flat

I fell hard for this vibrant and eclectic London flat. The former home of British designer Ben Pentreath, this space is the perfect combination of old world elegance meets new design ideas.  Not an easy task, and yet, here it seems to look almost effortless!


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  1. I must have lived in England in another life..because I absolutely love any space from there! Going to London in March.. maybe I will stay!! Have a great day, Karolyn

    Published on 1.30.14 · Reply
  2. It truly looks a beautiful place to stay in!

    Published on 1.30.14 · Reply
  3. Ivy Lane wrote:

    I love that cozy little kitchen! What a fun flat!

    Published on 1.30.14 · Reply
  4. Emma wrote:

    This is indeed one fine flat! Love that beautiful colorful lamp we see a few of–green in one room, red in another, blue in another!

    Published on 1.30.14 · Reply
  5. I could live there!

    Published on 1.30.14 · Reply
  6. The Now wrote:

    WOW!!!!! I looooove this. xo

    Published on 2.7.14 · Reply