Organization Made Chic

You know that expression, “you can never be too rich?” I always think the “never enough” philosophy should apply to “organized” as well.  Clearly the clever designers at Munger Interiors would agree, the homes they create all seem to have some of the chicest storage options around.  With all these stunning built ins and designer closets, I’d like to think that staying organized all year long would be a breeze. 

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  1. pve design wrote:

    Staying organized really is such a gift. I have been working with a prof. organizer and I have made huge improvements. Everything needs a place and everyone needs to be "on board" with staying organized. Labels, bins, boxes, baskets are key~
    Wonderfully chic spots at Munger~ Thanks for sharing.

    Published on 12.20.12 · Reply
  2. pve design wrote:

    Here are some great tips for staying organized~

    Published on 12.20.12 · Reply
  3. this is what I'm craving…to organize this holiday vacation…I love it and thrive on everything being in tip top condition. These photos are so inspiring!

    Published on 12.20.12 · Reply
  4. sooo jealous of these closets!! also, loving that kitchen with the gold/brass sink – hubba hubba!

    Published on 12.20.12 · Reply
  5. these are gorgeous! I'm a little jealous as this old house of mine is not big on storage. My dream is to build our own home, traditional, but with tons of storage.

    Published on 12.20.12 · Reply
  6. Mudrooms are the best! Great photos! Love them!

    Published on 12.20.12 · Reply
  7. Dear Sue,

    Just dropping in to wish you a very Merry Christmas. I can't believe this year has passed so quickly, and what a year it has been!! Phew!

    Have a peaceful end to 2012 and a marvelous start to 2013 – all the best to you and yours!

    xox Charlotta

    Published on 12.20.12 · Reply
  8. Each and every room above is just divine, chic is an understatment, I don't know how long I could keep them looking so pristine. I just finished fixing (sorting) my office, and now I see the one above and think to myself "hmmm, I still have a long way to go!" 🙁 But thanks for the inspiration anyway! 🙂 Kate

    Published on 12.21.12 · Reply
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  10. These photos are amazing. I love being organized. Can't wait to try some of these ideas!

    Published on 1.1.13 · Reply