Our Beach House Renovation: Furniture and Decor Ideas

I’ve been making some more design decisions for our beach house renovation project.

Today I thought I’d share some more of my inspiration for the design of this house.

Since we’ll spend most of our time in the main living space of the beach house, it seems like the best place to start.

I needed a jumping off point in terms of inspiration.

I searched for images of rooms with the same feeling I’m looking to create.

Part New England coastal, with a bit of California cool and some Scandinavian and Mid-Century style thrown in for good measure.

Just writing these words down doesn’t seem to inspire a cohesive design.

However, when I started to really drill down on these images – which evoke exactly what I’m after, I was able to then find a lot of furniture and decor to get the ball rolling. Here’s where I’m at…





As you can see, I’m going for a bright and airy feel, with a mostly neutral palette. I’ll be using blue a bit. And, there will be a lot of textures and natural elements. I want it feel like we’re at the beach, but not too “beachy/nautical.” ( Although I did already buy a pair of brass anchor fireplace andirons…so I’m going to have to try to control myself!:) The living room is now part of an open floor plan and will be our main hang out space, so it needs to be comfortable and kid and pet friendly.

Our main living space has a fireplace.

This will have a big impact on how we set up the furniture.

beach house decor ideas

greenery in glass vases  //  striped pillow  //  decorative rings on stands
couch  //  leather x stool
rug  //  Shibori pillow  //  large clam shell



rattan chair  //  wood burst mirror  //  leather sling chair
hurricane candle  //  faux hydrangeas  //  rug
chair  // coffee table


mirror  //  art
coffee table  //  console  //  pouf
chair  //  leather seat




PS: Here’s how it turned out!



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