Progress Peeks: Our New Home

We just hit the eleventh month here in our new home. The design progress
has been in both big and small pieces. One of my favorite new additions
is this dramatic Selenite sculpture we added to our bedroom fireplace.
This was a big ticket item so I made sure to measure several times and
thought about it for awhile before pulling the trigger. Apparently, Selenite has some postive energy attributes which helped me rationalize
this purchase. Since we’re not likely to use this fireplace (we haven’t
yet-hence the lack of ashes) I figured this would be a great way to
deal with the focal point aspect of the fireplace.
I love the way it looks and have no
regrets.  There are votive candles inside that I’ve only just recently
lit. The glow from this piece is so soothing- I’m sure it will be lit
again soon.
I had a lot of fun pulling together this little kitchen vignette. Not only do I love the way it looks, but it’s very functional too, as it serves as a convenient holder for all the necessities for a quick cup of tea or coffee.
This is Mr. Zhush’s home office. I haven’t shown a lot of this room yet, because up until about a week ago, it was still filled with a wall of unpacked boxes. Happily the new built in bookcase (not shown) is up and the boxes are gone! The room still needs some art and some window treatments, but I’m so thrilled to finally be rid of all the unpacked boxes! (paint color is Balboa Mist by Benjamin Moore) 
Muse Interiors arranged to have the Stark carpet from the old home office re-cut to fit this room, I took this photo the day the carpet was put back.
I was craving a bright pop of color in my home office. Adding this beautiful Jenny Prinn painting was the perfect solution. However, this piece might’ve been my gateway drug, as now I just want more Jenny Prinn in my life!
Finally, this fun new bubble chair in my middle daughter’s room just makes us smile. I may or may not be sitting in this all day when she’s at school.We are tackling the dining room (finally) next and of course the guest bathroom is part of The One Room Challenge-of which I’ve got less than five weeks left to finish…yikes.

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  1. Everything looks great! I love the wall color in Mr. Zhush's office.

    Published on 10.12.15 · Reply
  2. Ron wrote:

    I love the selenite sculpture.

    Published on 10.12.15 · Reply
  3. Ivy Lane wrote:

    looking good! I love the selenite sculpture. However, I have always longed to have a fireplace in my master bedroom to light on cold winter nights…. Your "peeks in progress" are lovely.


    Published on 10.12.15 · Reply
  4. Emily wrote:

    Your home is beautiful and I am dying over that selenite piece. Have you tried LED tea light candles? One click with a remote control, and they will twinkle up and you can set it on a timer.

    Published on 10.12.15 · Reply
    • Thank you Emily! I LOVE that idea-brilliant!!! XX

      Published on 10.12.15 · Reply
  5. beautiful as always, sue. donna

    Published on 10.12.15 · Reply
  6. Arielle wrote:

    Your fireplace tile is gorgeous and the selenite sculpture is AMAZING. Love love love.

    Published on 10.13.15 · Reply
  7. Ordinette wrote:

    Looking at your gorgeous house I am more than convinced that style and taste resides in the details. Thanks for sharing.

    Published on 10.15.15 · Reply