Progress Peeks: Our New Home

We’ve been living here in Connecticut for a year now. I’m still calling it our new home, mainly because it still very much feels like a new house (compared to the fourteen years we spent at our old one). On the one hand, I feel so settled and thankful that I can honestly write that. However, on the other hand, I thought we would be finished with the home’s decor by this point – only now I see that wasn’t really realistic.We are slowly finishing rooms. Our formal living room (above) is now done. Muse Interiors helped with my request for additional seating with this chic pair of poufs in front of the fireplace.

I added a pair of nail head trim X benches to the foot of the guest room bed and as soon as I set them down it became clear to me that this room needs a pair of lamps on either side and possibly some bamboo shades.

Below are some other fun additions like a patterned Kilim runner in the kitchen and a great little accent table in my husband’s office. There’s also a photo (taken by Nicole Cohen) of the guest bathroom (completely finished as part of the one room challenge) since this project occupied so much of my time and energy this past month and a half.

We’re hoping to get the dining room wallpaper installed before Christmas. It’s the big projects that require multiple contractors here that I thought would be over by now. That part is not my favorite. So I keep adding the fun things like X benches and lamps and look forward to crossing another room off the list.



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  1. Beautiful! We're looking for a new home too. We've outgrown ours and bursting at the seams. Great inspirations!

    Published on 11.24.15 · Reply
  2. Very Chic my friend!!

    Published on 11.24.15 · Reply
  3. Emily wrote:

    I just love, love your home Sue!

    Published on 11.25.15 · Reply
  4. Jill wrote:

    I am enjoying your blog. Have you shared the artist for the large butterfly prints?

    Published on 1.21.16 · Reply
  5. Jill wrote:

    Loving your blog and the splashes of color in your home! I just found the blog today! Have you shared the artist/ source of the large butterfly prints?

    Published on 1.21.16 · Reply
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