Random Chanel Item No. 128

For well over two years, I’ve been posting a random Chanel item here every Friday.  Some are the real deal, while others are obviously faux…and then every once in a while I’ll see something like this one above (sent to me by the thoughtful Stacey of Quintessence) and it’s hard to tell… but, yes these “face sticker logos” are in fact truly Chanel (not to mention incredibly random!)~go figure! Here’s to the weekend… hoping it’s both unexpectedly fun and one hundred percent legit!

Image via: pursuitist

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  1. The Now wrote:

    Amazing! xoxo

    Published on 6.15.12 · Reply
  2. Yeah! Stickers to go along with the fake Chanel tatoos… Hope you had a wonderful week!

    Published on 6.15.12 · Reply
  3. Glad you liked them – seemed perfect for your venue – thanks for the mention!! We missed you at Pimlico last night – wishing you a great weekend!!

    Published on 6.15.12 · Reply
  4. Those stickers are so fun! Have a great weekend Sue


    Published on 6.16.12 · Reply
  5. Happy weekend Sue! Those are pretty fun, and amazing that they are true Chanel!

    Nancy xo

    Published on 6.17.12 · Reply
  6. Love it… Hope you're having a nice weekend!

    Published on 6.17.12 · Reply