Random Chanel Item

No. 89

Two thoughts as we head into the weekend:
1. I really need a manicure
2. Hoping our weekend is nearly half as fun as this! Enjoy!

*you might need to hit the space bar to make it play…no idea why:)

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  1. sharon lei wrote:

    Ohmygosh! This video is so freakin' cute.. now I gotta go buy some Chanel polish. hehehe. Happy Friday, hun!

    xx Love & Aloha
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    Published on 9.9.11 · Reply
  2. Debby wrote:

    How cute. Some people are just so creative! I NEED a manicure big time. My poor nails are so neglected at the moment. Have a wonderful Friday, Sue! xo

    Published on 9.9.11 · Reply
  3. How cute!
    Yes, by Friday I am also in need of a manicure!
    Happy Friday!

    Published on 9.9.11 · Reply
  4. This amazing! Such a great way to begin my day today. What an amusing video. Thanks for sharing!

    Published on 9.9.11 · Reply
  5. This is brilliant! Definitely need a manicure and in a fun colour!
    Have a great weekend xo

    Published on 9.9.11 · Reply
  6. I Dream Of wrote:

    The mirrored staircase was my favorite part. Yes, my hands are in need of a little elegance. Time for a manicure!
    Happy weekend!

    Published on 9.9.11 · Reply
  7. Sue,
    This was so fun, I started dancing in my office. Kidding, but I loved it!

    Published on 9.9.11 · Reply
  8. How fun! For someone who wanted to be a Rockette as a girl, this is just up my alley – or stage! Happy weekend, Sue.

    Published on 9.9.11 · Reply
  9. This has to be my fave so far. Wonderful!

    Have a lacquery weekend luv.

    xx C

    Published on 9.9.11 · Reply
  10. Christina wrote:

    Beautiful dancing hands!

    Published on 9.10.11 · Reply
  11. Adorable!! Reminds me a little of the Hermes video with the hands. I'm hoping they photoshopped that hand – it's perfect!!

    Published on 9.10.11 · Reply
  12. That was so much fun!

    Published on 9.11.11 · Reply