Random Chanel Item

No. 87

First it was an earthquake, and now as the weekend approaches, we’re getting ready to “batten down the hatches” in preparation for a major hurricane…it’s been quite a week! Hope you’re all safe and sound where ever you are.


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  1. Kathy wrote:

    Supposed to have the "eye" of the storm here…..good luck to all of you in Irene's path!…k

    Published on 8.26.11 · Reply
  2. wschecht wrote:

    Crazy week here. Nothing like a little to Chanel to make us all feel better!

    Published on 8.26.11 · Reply
  3. The hatches are battened and the candles replenished… what a way to end the week!

    Published on 8.26.11 · Reply
  4. Here in South Louisiana we are no stranger to hurricanes. We know how you guys feel. We are praying for your safety and hope you only get rain.
    Angela and Renee

    Published on 8.26.11 · Reply
  5. Karena wrote:

    All we are having is 100+ weather! be safe all and enjoy the weekend!


    Art by Karena

    Published on 8.26.11 · Reply
  6. Thinking about all my blogger 'friends' in the NE this weekend!!! Be safe, friend!

    Published on 8.26.11 · Reply
  7. Cute cute cute! Hope you weather the storm okay!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

    Published on 8.26.11 · Reply
  8. You guys have it crazy over there! Be safe!

    Published on 8.26.11 · Reply
  9. The Now wrote:

    Have a great and SAFE weekend!! Love the Chanel piece! xoxo e&a

    Published on 8.26.11 · Reply
  10. A girl can weather any storm with the help of a Chanel umbrella…but can we manage without electrical power?! Stay safe, and don't forget to charge your cell phones.

    Published on 8.26.11 · Reply
  11. Stephanie wrote:

    What is happening to our good old NY? Stay safe this weekend!

    Published on 8.26.11 · Reply
  12. Stay safe my friend. I'll be thinking of you guys.

    Loving the CC item. Too cute.

    Scandi hugs

    x Charlotta

    Published on 8.26.11 · Reply
  13. Love Chanel…always seems in style. Be safe. Our daughter lives on the Lower East Side…she bought all the mixings for "Hurricane" drinks…rum, etc. Party excuse.

    Published on 8.28.11 · Reply
  14. Ann wrote:

    So gorgeous…

    Hope everyone stays safe ♥

    Published on 8.28.11 · Reply
  15. I love the quirky Chanel jewelry. Remember when they did the enamel ice cream jewelry? I wish I got some of that action. Sigh.


    Published on 8.28.11 · Reply
  16. Hope you made it through Irene! Love the Chanel pick. xx

    Published on 8.29.11 · Reply
  17. Debby wrote:

    We didn't get hit hard at all here. Hope you were safe, Sue. We brought Jordan to college and he's in RI right on the water… they were supposed to get hit hard. Nothing like dropping your kid off w/ a suitcase in the eye of a hurricane! xo

    Published on 8.29.11 · Reply
  18. Yes we have no power. It is incredibly inconvenient!!! They are as I write removing a large limb that fell on our house. Luckilly there is no damage but we will now have to cut down the rest – a beautiful old apple tree that visually anchored the corner of our house – so sad. Like losing an old friend! Hope all is well with you and you didn't have much if any damage. I. Think inland fared a bit better.

    Published on 8.29.11 · Reply
  19. I know what's next…locusts??? Hey I got a RCI for you send me an email!

    Published on 8.29.11 · Reply