Reflections On Collections

Groupings of similar objects always look so compelling and chic.  I don’t collect many things, unless you count coffee table books (and, just books in general) candles, silver frames, trays, perfume (especially in beautiful bottles) shells, and bits of white Ironstone pottery.  Really, what I mean is that I don’t collect anything out of the ordinary.  When I was younger, I knew a family that collected vintage cookie jars and another that collected vintage lady head vases. This was back before the internet and ebay.  Collections like this represented years and years of weekends searching and scoring in flea markets and tag sales.  A collection was really a hobby of sorts, and I thought it would be cool to have a fun collection one day too.  Then I got older and the sport of the hunt seemed to have waned with the onset of the ease of e-commerce.  Just recently, my past desire to acquire has been reignited by these charming images from my latest design crush, the brother duo of Doug and Gene Meyer.  Meyers’ bright and quirky vignettes have me rethinking…maybe a vintage lunch box collection, or fashion illustrations (in the kitchen!), glass match strikes, so many options! What, if anything, do you collect?

All images via: DougandGeneMeyer

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  1. Deanna Pai wrote:

    I love lacquer trays! I keep beauty products on mine: perfume bottles, nail polish, etc. Plus, it makes everything a little easier to clean..

    Published on 8.9.12 · Reply
  2. I know. once e-bay came along, it seemed like collecting was not so much fun anymore. I love to look at collections – cozy and full of personality.

    Published on 8.9.12 · Reply
  3. Cara wrote:

    hmmm… I am really not a collector, but I have started collection vintage dresses and beaded collars <3
    Lilac and Grey

    Published on 8.9.12 · Reply
  4. Karena wrote:

    Like you Sue, mostly design and art books, Art; however have started a Mercury Glass votives, Leaded glass Cross Bottles,& Seashells. One of my sisters has an amazing collection of Art glass!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series

    Published on 8.9.12 · Reply
  5. jenrick1 wrote:

    I never think of myself as a collector but I do like certain things that surround me. Like Karena, I am in love with leaded glass cross bottles, mini rhinestone frames and quirky wine glasses and colorful art glass. I enjoy the occasional found piece of bimini glass cocktail sticks but rarely do I go on a hunt for any of these things, I just happen upon them.

    Published on 8.9.12 · Reply
  6. sapalazola wrote:

    I collect beach glass with my kids and keep it in a large vintage glass bottle in our sitting room. We've been at it 2 years and the bottle is only 1/4 full. We can only put real "found" glass in there–no prepackaged machine-roughened glass purchased at Pottery Barn!–and it's been a great family project. It makes scavengers out of all of us (and our friends now bring found glass to the house too!). It helps that we live near the beach, but I suppose any collection of natural objects related to your particular environment would do the trick!

    Published on 8.9.12 · Reply
  7. love that funky yellow and green swirl wallpaper and that turquoise room! I've pseudo started an elephant collection…and birds decor accessories. It was unintentional but I'm always drawn towards those things!

    Published on 8.9.12 · Reply