The Saturday Evening Post


Dorothy was right, there really is no place quite like it.  Especially when you come home to the beautiful weather we are experiencing in New York,
on this first day of Spring!

Even though I missed the comforts of home…
especially my bed…
its hard to get back into the groove of reality.

Mountains of mail, enormous piles of laundry
and an empty fridge are
all requiring my attention right now.

This is exactly how I read my mail,
just in case you were wondering.

And yes, even our laundry is adorable!

{of course, this is the furthest thing from the truth}

The truth is, now that the sun is going down, I can no longer procrastinate opening the bills, dealing with the piles of laundry and going to the super market, by justifying that it is too nice to be indoors.
So, I sat down in front of the computer, to pay some bills,
place a Peapod delivery, and return some emails…
 But, the next thing I knew, I was busy downloading our vacation photos…dirty laundry be damned!

I couldn’t resist sharing this photo.
It’s a treat the hotel had
waiting for my children when we checked in.
I have never seen anything like this!
It is so cute and creative.
Rice crispy treats molded to look like sushi,
in a bento box, no less!  
The ginger and wasabi were made out of fondant frosting, and the soy and plum sauce were chocolate and caramel.  Gummy bears and fruit roll ups were used to look like the fish.  My girls are huge fans of The Cake Boss on TLC, so this surprise was a big hit.  I had to try some myself, even though I have a major sweet tooth, the gummies were a bit much for me.  But, once I picked them out, and dipped into the chocolate, it was so good!

Vacations are great!

And, now back to the bills and laundry….

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  1. Kathysue wrote:

    Sorry the reality of laundry is facing you. It is an ugly monster when it is ignored, isn't it?Chip away my dear and remember it is never truly done so don't beat yourself up about it.(They are out there right now dirtying more clothes to add to the pile) Just try to keep it at bay. Good luck!! Glad you enjoyed some of the nice weather and did a little blogging. Balance is key!! Kathysue

    Published on 3.20.10 · Reply
  2. Debra wrote:

    Click your heels three times and maybe everything will be done for you! So happy to have you back- rest and start up slowly!
    This weather makes re-entry so much sweeter.

    Published on 3.21.10 · Reply
  3. Welcome home, loved this post 🙂

    Published on 3.21.10 · Reply
  4. La Dolfina wrote:

    I too loved this post!!!
    What a brilliant way to get the kids to behave!! Then again, what a sugar rush!!!
    What hotel was that?
    Glad you're back safe and sound… the laundry can wait for tomorrow!!

    Published on 3.21.10 · Reply
  5. Let's not even mention TAXES.

    But back to the fun… Loved the bento box treats. Great idea and fun kid's "project" for a rainy day. Will keep that one in my inventory.

    Published on 3.21.10 · Reply
  6. leaving for Palm Beach tomorrow-hope you left some good weather for me down there! welcome home, Barbara

    Published on 3.21.10 · Reply
  7. koralee wrote:

    Welcome home…I know it is not fun unpacking and doing laundry but you have to admit..your own bed feels pretty good. I love those rice crispy creative. xoxo

    Published on 3.21.10 · Reply
  8. Vanessa wrote:

    Welcome back! The kid's sushi is so cute – sounds like a great hotel.

    Published on 3.21.10 · Reply
  9. Ha! Very fun post. Hope you are having a fab weekend.

    Published on 3.21.10 · Reply
  10. Re-entry is no fun! So glad you all had a great trip. Love the mail picture. That is how I feel daily with all my work papers. Hope you have a great week. RHS is having Week of Yellow this week. Stop by.

    Published on 3.21.10 · Reply
  11. Well, it's back to reality for me too. Glad you had a great time with your girls. Left my girl in Paris, but get to go back to see her again in May. I am just thrilled to have discovered your site ~ I think thru my Bardot In Blue. Every visit here is a delight and I am planning on making a stop here part of my daily grind, since you possess transportive powers! So happy to have met you. ~jermaine~

    Published on 3.21.10 · Reply
  12. Isn't reality mean?? Especially after a fabulous trip away?? That is so weird, I have the EXACT SAME bill paying/mail checking outfit

    Published on 3.21.10 · Reply
  13. You are so right! Why is laundry never done?

    Published on 3.21.10 · Reply
  14. Cashon&Co wrote:

    Oh how great! I can relate, as i just walked in the door from an 8 day vacation and I just finished opening my mail (and I ALSO look just like that when I read my mail and my laundry ALSO looks that fresh and folded right now!)….hahah
    I am loving that sushi treat. Welcome back!

    Published on 3.21.10 · Reply
  15. That is adorable, I love it!

    Published on 3.22.10 · Reply