Seven Instagrammers To Follow

I’ve been obsessed with Instagram for quite some time now, but this summer I’ve bumped it up a bit, thanks to my top notch intern Danielle, who cleverly figured out how to not only get a streaming gallery of my own grams onto, but also sorted out how to add customer’s instagrams featuring our products as well (my favorite thing!)  Now, if you add hash tag #zhush or @zhush on your photo featuring our products, we’ll re-gram into our online gallery, cool right?

I hope you’ll follow @zhush for behind the scenes glimpes into running a small online business and just life around here in general…that’s really the fun part of instagram, right? The quick little peeks into someone’s life, whether it’s a shopping moment, interiors, art, family, friends…it can be pretty compelling to see what other people, brands, etc. are up to.  Here are seven of my current faves…I had to narrow it down a bit from the 446 that I’m currently following/crushing on!

Check out these instagram accounts and let me know in the comments who you’re following and  loving these days…

1. @ecmothdesign OK, I mean this is Erica’s kitchen…it was just published in Canada’s Style at Home! Erica is stunning, her taste is stunning, her family is stunning (she is Mom to five boys!)…it goes on and on and she is seriously as sweet as she is talented, we met briefly last year at Blogfest, follow Erica and be inspired!

2. @katiearmour Katie’s blog was one of the very first I ever read, she then went on to start Matchbook Magazine and subsequently moved to New York City.  Follow Katie and see the world, (mainly beautiful shots of Manhattan) through the eyes of one of the most stylish twenty-somethings possible ever…also, be prepared to fall instantly in love with her adorable pug, Alfred.

3. @jane_lilly Katie’s co-founder over at Matchbook Magazine, seeing New York City through Jane’s eyes is like the best, most idealized version of New York…actually, seeing anything through Jane’s lens takes on that very same appeal.  Jane’s visual diary is a must follow.

4.@msimondesign You might remember my post about Marianne Simon’s environments…well I’m just as equally obsessed with Marianne’s instagrams as well. Beautiful scenery, behind the scenes updates and reveals…in other words, lots of great design.

5.@lauratrevey A mom, blogger and talented artist, I adore Laura’s style and warm friendly manner.  We met very briefly last year, but I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with Laura in the Big Apple next month.  Follow Laura’s artful spin on all things Bright, Bold and Beautiful.

6.@mimosalaneblog I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon with Albertina the last time she came to New York, and I can tell you first hand that this lovely lady has fabulous style…blogger, mom and Etsy store owner, you’ll want to know what’s catching Albertina’s discerning eye.

7. @venzedits As the president and co-founder of RewardStyle affiliate marketing, fashion blogger and all around taste maker, I’m pretty much in awe of everything Amber Venz does.  If the name doesn’t sound familiar to you…trust me, follow her and this way once she’s a household, Rachel Zoe brand, you’ll be able to say you knew her when…(although, at this rate, “when” might’ve already happened).


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  1. Alexis wrote:

    I am obsessed with Instagram and am thrilled to have some new people to follow!
    I am @jacolynmurphydesigns

    Published on 8.19.13 · Reply
  2. Great! Thanks for sharing!!

    Published on 8.19.13 · Reply
  3. I, too, am obsessed with Instagram. A few of these aren't on my list….gonna go check them out!

    Published on 8.19.13 · Reply
  4. Well, you took the words right out of my mouth – I can't wait to get to know you better and spend some time with you in NYC in September. We will have so much fun!

    Thanks for the shout out, and see you soon! xoxo

    Published on 8.19.13 · Reply
  5. I can't get enough of Instagram, so thanks for sharing some of your favorites!

    Published on 8.19.13 · Reply
  6. Love Albertina! Great roundup

    Published on 8.21.13 · Reply
  7. Marianne wrote:

    You are so sweet to include me! Your instagram is one of my favorites, too! xo

    Published on 8.23.13 · Reply