Small Joys

Isn’t August just like “the Sunday” of summer? Here are a few small joys from my favorite season, as seen through my instagram lens: fresh ripe fruit, my children’s daily camper crafts, roof top margaritas, vibrant bouquets, an organized closet completed during a thunderstorm~inspired by the double rainbow after a previous deluge, sweet little bunk notes, soft serve road trips, produce from our garden…There is so much to love about this season, I wish summer wouldn’t go by so fast…here’s to savoring every last moment this August.
(p.s.: are you as obsessed with instagram as I am? I’m at @zhush, where are you?)

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  1. Nancy wrote:

    I agree. I feel like this is our last shot at summer, and I want to savor everyday! I love your same things! Have a great day.

    Published on 8.2.12 · Reply
  2. Albertina wrote:

    I thought double rainbows were an urban legend!! Wao! I didn't realize they actually existed. How wonderful! My daughter who is almost five is desperate to see her first rainbow. We can't find one anywhere

    Published on 8.2.12 · Reply
  3. Cara wrote:

    love following you on insta!

    Published on 8.2.12 · Reply
  4. Raina Cox wrote:

    I've created a small advent calendar of sorts counting down to the first day of school.

    Behind each little door is an airplane-sized bottle of hooch.

    Published on 8.2.12 · Reply
  5. I Dream Of wrote:

    What a lovely way to describe it "the Sunday of summer." Loving your Instagram eye! XO

    Published on 8.2.12 · Reply
  6. I LOVED your warhol soup cans on instagram!!!

    Published on 8.2.12 · Reply
  7. Stephanie wrote:

    Love it! and move over Andy, there's a new soup can in town. I just added you to my list. I'm clickinmom42

    Published on 8.2.12 · Reply
  8. CDS wrote:

    I LOVE Instagram! I just started following you. Feel free to follow back. xoxo

    Published on 8.2.12 · Reply
  9. I can't believe summer is almost over…went by way too fast! Love eating fresh produce from my garden as well.

    Published on 8.2.12 · Reply
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