Hello. I’m back! If you follow on instagram, facebook or twitter, you may have noticed that my family and I have been at our home in Florida on an extended spring break vacation (17 days to be exact). And, now we’re back and facing the cold, hard reality of Monday morning here in New York, the land that spring forgot….

I’m hoping to get my act together (once I emerge from a mountain of bills, invoices, emails, etc.) and be able show you the progress we’ve made on our Floridian vacation home, maybe later this week.  I’m also hoping that once the literal dust settles around here (we had some work done on this house while we were away) to have some images of this as well! Spoiler alert: The blue cabinet backs are gone…

At any rate, while I was happily lounging around our friends’ beautiful home this past weekend (they designed it with the help of Phoebe Howard) I realized I didn’t have a blog post lined up for today…quell horreur! After some persuading, my friend was sweet enough to let me take some quick i-Phone snaps of her breathtaking home.  I love every inch of this house, and only regret not sneaking into my friend’s closet, because it is just beyond! Well, at least I snapped that chic silver wishbone😉


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  1. Oh lucky you to have escaped our never-ending winter! Your friend's house is lovely and just adore a kitchen banquette! Stay warm!

    Published on 3.25.13 · Reply
  2. love the wishbone – i'm REALLLLLLY hoping the snow is RAIN instead today – NOT looking forward to March snow!

    Published on 3.25.13 · Reply
  3. The wishbone is awesome! Love the light blue and white rug…. Its hard getting back from vacation with all the fastidious to-dos. We live for Spring break in 2 days! Can't wait to get away.

    Published on 3.25.13 · Reply
  4. gorgeous! i was just flipping through that jennifer post book the other day. she is one of my favorites! hope you guys had fun 😉

    Published on 3.25.13 · Reply
  5. loved the wishbone..;)

    Android Developer

    Published on 3.26.13 · Reply
  6. so pretty!

    Published on 3.26.13 · Reply
  7. Welcome home! Harsh reality isn't it? Actually, today isn't too bad. Come on sun!!!

    Love your friends abode….would love to see more. hint hint. And, of course, I want to see what you did in Florida when you weren't sunbathing!

    xoxo Elizabeth

    Published on 3.27.13 · Reply
  8. Anonymous wrote:


    I was wondering if you have any idea where they got those amazing bedside lamps? I am on the quest for those exact ones!


    Published on 4.4.13 · Reply