Spring Awakening At Le Beau Chateau

Le Beau Chateau, built in 1937,
was the location for the Spring Awakening
event I attended last week.
I had NO idea that this private Baronial estate even existed…
never mind that it was literally
only four miles from my front door!
{I mapquested it.}
This elegant manor is situated on 52 acres
in New Canaan, Connecticut,
  {to find out more about Le Beau Chateau, click here }

Last week, The Summer Theatre of New Canaan
Spring Awakening-A Broadway Inspired Table Top Show.

Twenty leading interior designers were asked to interpret their
favorite shows or musical comedies into table top vignettes.
Artistic license prevailed here, the term “table top” was given
a very broad and open meaning….
Here are a few of my favorites:

{The Secret Garden: Peter Lentz Design}

This table really caught my attention.
 The Secret Garden was one of my favorite childhood books.
Faux flowers were adhered to the wallpaper,
creating a surreal three dimensional effect.
In addition, both a black bird
and a key, were incorporated into the table top.

 {Mame: Barbara Bell Interiors}

This next vignette really captured
the joie de vivre that is Auntie Mame.
(one of my favorite movies)
I was ready to call it a night,
and sit down and have a martini
right then and there!

{Beehive: Trevor LaMarche}

Apparently, Beehive was a 1960’s off Broadway hit musical.
I’ve never heard of it,
but that didn’t stop me from absolutely loving
this interpretation. The execution was amazing here!

{Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Irwin Feld Design}

According to the “playbill” from the evening,
Breakfast At Tiffany’s was slated to
be a musical on Broadway, with music by Edward Albee.
The show never made it past previews.
I can absolutely see Holly Golightly living here.
The center sconces in the background
represent the doors to the famed
jewelry store.

{Next to Normal: Ondine Karady Design}

There was nothing “normal” about this table top!
If the name Ondine Karady sounds familiar,
it’s because she was one of the finalists
on Bravo’s Top Design.
In addition, Ondine has a background in set design
and has worked on several commercial sets
including HBO’s Sex And The City.
The attention paid to detail here was astounding!
The entire tabletop, table base AND chairs
were covered with empty prescription pill capsules!
Ondine, who couldn’t have been more
lovely or gracious in person,
said her name showed up on a government list for ordering
so many empty pills online!
The bowl of pill bottles in the center contained mints,
made to look like prescription pills.
Ondine was handing these clever vials out.
The labels contain her business information and the following:
“USE: vastly improves the most boring decor…
take two and call me!”

{A Little Night Music: Charles Pavarini Design Associates}

The “set” lighting here really made you feel
like you were about to dine in an enchanted garden.
A local architect and designer, it was Mr. Pavarini
who spearheaded and conceptualized
this entire creative event for
The Summer Theatre of New Canaan.

There were many, many more fabulous table tops and vignettes.
For more coverage, head over to The Buzz Blog from Diane James Home.

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  1. Stephanie wrote:

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing these – some gorgeous ideas!

    Published on 5.21.10 · Reply
  2. BBS wrote:

    Thanks for sharing pictures from this event! What a beautiful setting and what creativity. I absolutely loved the Next to Normal design. Very inventive.

    Published on 5.20.10 · Reply
  3. Wow, how beautiful!

    Published on 5.20.10 · Reply