Style Stalking: Barrie Benson Interiors

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Seven years ago, (almost to the day actually) I did a “Style Stalk” post on interior designer Barrie Benson. Inspired by Barrie’s latest feature in House Beautiful magazine, I decided to see what else Barrie’s been working on.

I have to say everything I saw on Barrie’s revamped website thrilled me! I was obviously already a fan, but Barrie’s online presence had truly evolved. From the quality of the photographs right down to the way to site is organized – it all looks so polished and professional.

I guess it’s a sign of the times we live in now. Back in 2012 the design world wasn’t entirely sure it was ready to embrace the internet. Now in 2019, it’s clear that in an industry like interior design, which is SO very image driven – it only makes sense for interior designers to put their best foot forward online. I didn’t mean for this to become a preachy post – however, if you’re website isn’t up to snuff with beautiful, bright clear images of your work (in natural light…turn off the lights, this isn’t an MLS listing!) you’re missing a big opportunity in terms of exposure.

OK, off my soapbox – let’s just all enjoy Barrie Benson’s fabulous spaces!


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  1. Dakwerken wrote:

    Thank you for such a beautiful interior design with us. Eagerly waiting for more such posts.

    Published on 2.8.19 · Reply
  2. Idasco wrote:

    Thank you for sharing such an amazing interior idea with us. Keep posting!

    Published on 2.9.19 · Reply