Style Stalking: Greg Natale Design

This month’s stalking takes us all the way to other side of the globe.  I first came across the minimal yet sophisticated portfolio of Greg Natale Designs on one of the many decor blogs from Australia that I follow.  Based out of Sydney, this group of designers and architects exhibits such a fresh yet classically clean approach to interiors.  Lately, I just can’t seem to get enough of this soothing modern style.

Images via:  GregNataleDesigns

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  1. Cara wrote:

    very pretty

    Published on 8.3.11 · Reply
  2. So lovely! The rooms are so clean and modern yet so appealing and comfortable looking! Gorgeous style 🙂 Have a great day Sue! x

    Published on 8.3.11 · Reply
  3. yes he's really into that geometrical thing, which I love too! He has his own range of rugs out, and guess what, they're all geometrical! Love em, can't afford them, but love em!!

    Published on 8.3.11 · Reply
  4. The cane chairs in pic 3 are incredible.

    Published on 8.3.11 · Reply
  5. Jessie wrote:

    I love his use of chairs particularly that pair in the third picture! I have always love his work!


    Published on 8.3.11 · Reply
  6. Stylish and comfortable! And, i'm a little obsessed with the black chandelier in the first photo!!

    Published on 8.3.11 · Reply
  7. Soothing and exciting at the same time.
    Love the paintings, so exciting

    Published on 8.3.11 · Reply
    Have a wonderful wednesday!
    Renee and Angela

    P.S. We are having a giveaway. Please check it out!

    Published on 8.3.11 · Reply
  9. ERIKA wrote:

    all me except the last picture!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

    Published on 8.3.11 · Reply
  10. Wives wrote:

    so sophisticated. seeing this really reminds me to pull it in sometimes. practice a little restraint.

    Published on 8.3.11 · Reply
  11. I Dream Of wrote:

    I'm with Elizabeth — that black chandelier is spectacular!!

    Published on 8.3.11 · Reply
  12. Gorgeous spaces. I love how open yet warm it is.

    Published on 8.3.11 · Reply
  13. Martina wrote:

    Cool combinations – the egg chair in blue looks great!

    Published on 8.3.11 · Reply
  14. Love to see the baby blues peeking in again!



    Published on 8.3.11 · Reply
  15. Lily wrote:

    These spaces are SO gorgeous !! Really love the first room.


    Published on 8.3.11 · Reply
  16. Gorgeous space and incredible chairs! 3 Fritz Hansen's egg chairs – lucky home owners!

    Hugs to you,


    Published on 8.3.11 · Reply
  17. Oh thanks for the fabulous intro- I adore those wicker chairs- so cool!!

    Published on 8.3.11 · Reply
  18. CDS wrote:

    I really like those white chairs…that we then see in blue. Very nice! 🙂

    Published on 8.3.11 · Reply
  19. drollgirl wrote:

    the chairs in pic #3 made me GASP out loud! i just love them!

    Published on 8.3.11 · Reply
  20. Sarah wrote:

    Very cool and soothing indeed!

    Published on 8.4.11 · Reply
  21. Greg was just seen last night on Australian TV show
    'The Renovators'.

    The contestants had to design and construct a suitable coffee table (each group having a different medium to work with), which would best co-ordinate with a room setting designed by Greg Natale.

    Greg was the judge, and he awarded the winning design to the group who made the acrylic coffee table. The rug used was the same as the black and white one in your image above.

    The room setting will be photographed and published in Inside Out.

    Published on 8.4.11 · Reply
  22. Very serene. Loving those chairs 🙂

    Published on 8.4.11 · Reply
  23. very pretty and so nice and airy 🙂

    Published on 8.4.11 · Reply