Summer In Lincoln Park

The city of Chicago sits high on my list of places to visit one day. There’s little doubt that I’d love this town.  Seeing a Chicago residence like this one, which speaks to me on every level, only confirms this hunch.  Designed by the uber talented Summer Thornton, I had to smile when I read this description on Summer’s site, “Summer focuses on evoking emotion and mood in her designs”~ because the emotion and mood that I was experiencing was full blown envy over this closet situation!

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  1. You haven't been to Chicago?!? Oh girl. You would die! You would absolutely love the city.

    Published on 6.7.12 · Reply
  2. That closet is to die for! I can't believe I've never been to Chicago either. I know, huh? So silly. I know I'd love it to. I think a trip is in order, Sue… Blogger's meet up? Sure we could find a built in excuse.. hee hee. I hear it's a lot like Boston. xo

    Published on 6.7.12 · Reply
  3. Chicago is truly amazing! I'm from SC and went to visit last year with a friend and we walked around literally all day – from 9 am to 10:30 pm. For a huge city, it's not intimidating at all (and has the best flowers, pizza, and popcorn around!)

    Published on 6.7.12 · Reply
  4. Natalie wrote:

    such a beautiful home!! love it! thanks for sharing!

    Published on 6.7.12 · Reply
  5. I live in Lincoln Park. I know you'll love it! Come visit ASAP!

    Published on 6.7.12 · Reply
  6. Love the closet,it is amazing. She is very talented.

    Published on 6.7.12 · Reply
  7. That closet is amazing! Who wouldn't be jealous 🙂

    Published on 6.7.12 · Reply
  8. michele wrote:

    oooooh the closet has inspired me! chicago is the best city, and i am lucky to be near it.


    Published on 6.7.12 · Reply
  9. I want, and I mean W.A.N.T. that closet!!! Great find!
    xx E

    Published on 6.7.12 · Reply
  10. Stylelinx wrote:

    It's making me miss my friend who moved there. But what picked up my mood was seeing that outrageously gorgeous closet. Can't get enough!

    Published on 6.8.12 · Reply
  11. I live in Chi City, but sadly my closet doesn't look like that. Great photos though! Come to Chicago, you'll love it!

    -Jenna @ Prima Haven

    Published on 6.8.12 · Reply
  12. Yes, fab closet. And I LOVE Chicago- I haven't been for years but I remember it as a clean, cultured, civilized city. But don't go in the winter – you'd hate it – brrrr…

    Published on 6.8.12 · Reply
  13. What a beautiful dressing room. Thanks for sharing.

    Published on 6.9.12 · Reply
  14. Laura S wrote:

    Gorgeous home, period! I too haven't been to Chicago, but would love to go!

    Anyone recognize that great fabric on the living room curtains… I think I love it.

    Published on 6.11.12 · Reply