Summer Style Secrets: A Diary Of Lovely

Hey…just because Labor Day has come and gone…
doesn’t mean that Summer is over!
{and yes, I do have issues letting go and moving on…}
This week’s Style Secrets are coming in from across the pond,
please welcome Helena, from A Diary Of Lovely!



When Sue invited me to participate in her Summer Style Secrets series I got really excited. I love The Zhush and I find Sue an extremely stylish woman so I’m honored. 
I like summer, don’t love it but it’s nice to have a nit of heat, especially in London. I’ll be honest, I don’t have many summer secrets, oops! But I have a few. 
– Chamomille: I left my hair grow to gain its natural color 4 years ago and now, I think, I can say it is 100% my color. I would be called a light brunette (ish?) not sure but in the summer I like to think I have some gold highlights and the way to go is chamomile, real one. I’m sure Baby Johnson also works though.
– Bare Escentuals Minerals: That’s a year rounder. I like their foundation so much because it’s light and I don’t feel my pores are tampered.
– Moisturizer with SPF: Because we all should!
– For the beach: I love the oil free Piz Buin Spray. Banana Boat has the best after sun aloe vera gel. And I always try to carry my Cheery Carmex and Avene or Evian spray water, so good, especially in a  heat wave! 


– Dresses all the way, any kind really, floaty and light are the best. I love bright prints but also solid coloured ones. I avoid black but it happens sometimes. 
– Cardigans: Yes because the office IS cold!
– Shorts: LOVE them!!
– Straw hats: they make me happy!
– Sunglasses


At Home
– Peonies, don’t we all?
– Strawberries, with cream, orange juice or just like that
– White crisp bedlinen, a must for all year along but in the summer it looks even better!
– Refreshing juices and cocktails, bring it on!!
– BBQs, happy days! unfortunately living in the city it’s complicated sometimes.


Thank you Sue! I love these posts!! Thanks for having me here xoxo



 Thanks Helena!
{and now craving a Pimm’s Cup!}

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  1. Debby wrote:

    Yes to the Bare Minerals!! It's great stuff!! xo

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  2. The Buzz wrote:

    Nothing like crisp white linens and strawberries and cream – already beginning to miss summer!

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  3. Yay to BBQs…and I am totally shorts girl:)…Great post:) Wish you both a wonderful day:)

    Ps: I will be hosting a cute GIVEAWAY this afternoon… so please join in !!!!

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  4. style'n wrote:

    great list…love all your fashion items and love peonies or any beautiful flowers in the home!

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  5. Cara wrote:

    I am OBSESSED with Evian spray! perfect for beach/boat/airplane for a quick refresher πŸ™‚

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  6. Yes to straw hats and sunglasses!! Fun to see you over here Helena!!

    xoxo Laura

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  7. I am on my way over to her blog right now….thanks for sharing. Oh, and I LOVE peonies too, too bad they just don't grow here in the south very well. –Gretchen O.

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  8. LOVE dresses! – and Bare Minerals, have em' but hardly ever wear em', i don't think i know how to "apply" properly :o(

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  9. Truly lovely!
    I am like you, hanging on every summer minute!
    I had brought back a wonderful white linen table cloth from Berlin, it whitens and brightens my dining room! Together with some flowers it makes the late summer gorgeous inside!
    Thanks, Helena for a sweet guest post!
    Thanks Sue for sharing her with us!


    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  10. Love so many of her recommendations! Also, Zhush you have an international following…some are just beginning summer! On another note, received my first pair of Toms yesterday and I'm in love! (I learned about them from you!)

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  11. Summer isn't over yet! Fabulous tips she's given

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  12. Strawberries & cream, Yum! Thanks for stopping by RHS. Hope you are well today.

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  13. yay!! i love helena – she is so sweet and such great fashion taste too! (love her blog). thanks for having her share with us. πŸ™‚

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  14. Krystal wrote:

    amen on dresses!

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  15. Gosh! So many things I would have had on my list!! πŸ™‚

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  16. Great post! I love Helena!

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  17. Melissa wrote:

    Hooray! Dresses are definitely one of my favorite style things about summer.

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  18. refreshing juices & definitely cocktails…I love it! thanks for featuring the wonderful & adorable Helena!

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  19. Such a fun and well thought out post! Lovely lovely- I can tell her summer was full of fun and beauty.

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  20. Always love a huge bunch of peonies! Great to hear from Helena!

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  21. Peonies and cocktails! Fun to hear your style secrets.

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  22. Marie Z. wrote:

    Great post ; ) I'm in denial that Fall is here/fast approaching. I just can't. let. go. !

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  23. Josie wrote:

    Denim cutoffs are such a must! Love them.
    xo Josie

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  24. Great post! I share a lot of these loves. I am not ready for Summer to be over already!

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  25. hey thank you a million times for your comment today over at Oh My Darling! I cant believe you went to Pace Law! Small world πŸ™‚

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  26. Dobbygirl wrote:

    Fab! I'm a Bare Minerals girl for sure, stays put in the Georgia heat and humidity!!!

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  27. Great summer review- Bring on the cocktails!

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  28. Great post Helena!

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  29. Great post! So many great choices but I especially love peonies and white linens. Two things you will always find in my home in the summer!

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  30. Stacey wrote:

    Great post! I always have Banana Boat around the house and i love Bare Escentuals minerals too!

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  31. Viera wrote:

    is time to get ready for summer down under.

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  32. Peonies, white linens and fresh juices. Sounds like the best kind of living to me!
    xoxo Elizabeth

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  33. Nice to see you over here!! Such great things on your list – I love my bare minerals!!

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  34. CDS wrote:

    Whats a super fun list!…how long will the summer lists keep going?

    Published on 9.8.10 · Reply
  35. Ahhh- natural hair color. I don't even know what that is anymore. p.s. former lawyer here too- shhhhh!!! πŸ™‚

    Published on 9.9.10 · Reply
  36. She is so awesome! Fab list! Thanks for your sweet comment, Sue, much, much appreciated, as I know you are a woman of great style and taste! XX!

    Published on 9.9.10 · Reply
  37. I'm opting for a proper recipe for the Pimm's cup!

    Published on 9.9.10 · Reply
  38. Lovely and pretty post! What a great list!
    Have a pretty day!

    Published on 9.9.10 · Reply
  39. Kristin wrote:

    Dresses and peonies…That's my girl!

    Published on 9.9.10 · Reply
  40. Helena is SO sweet and so right on! I'm right there with her on her choices… the best thing a girl can do these days is be practical about beauty (using SPF) and of course having adorable outfits and perfect white bedding!

    Published on 9.9.10 · Reply
  41. I'm a fan of Bare Escentuals Minerals as well!

    Published on 9.9.10 · Reply
  42. Oh, I didn't know that aDoL is from London. Wonderful tips – also, English summers always call for the 'onion' look, i.e. layers. It's never really hot (something I miss here in the UK).

    Published on 9.9.10 · Reply
  43. Fabulous post Helena!!! Now you're making me miss summer even more πŸ™‚

    Published on 9.9.10 · Reply
  44. Excellent post, just loved it! Thank you for letting us in on your secrets!!

    Published on 9.9.10 · Reply
  45. Thank you so much Sue for giving the opportunity to share my summer secrets with all of your readers!! and thank you all, your comments are so so sweet!!

    Published on 9.9.10 · Reply
  46. Lovely post Helena! I am holding on to summer for dear life…! And I am sticking to white bed linen all year long to keep a little bit of that summer feel.

    Have not seen Pimm's for a long time! Thanks for the reminder! (:

    A big hug to you both,

    ox, Mon

    Published on 9.10.10 · Reply