Summer Style Secrets: Odi Et Amo

Today’s Summer Style Secrets 
are brought to you by Averill, of Odi et Amo.

 A lawyer by day, and design blogger by night, 
It seems I have a real affinity 
towards the “legal design crowd”… 
after checking out Averill’s secrets, I’m sure you will as well! 

Many thanks Sue, for letting me guest blog today. I’ve been a big fan of The Zhush ever since I discovered it a few months ago and it’s an honor to be here today to share with you 
a few of my summer style secrets.

While many of you living in more temperate climates welcome summer like a long-lost friend, as a native Houstonian I tend to view summer with a mixture of fear and dread. Summers in Texas are something to be endured while fervently awaiting our delightfully mild falls and winters.  And so, alas, my summer style secrets are centered more around survival than celebration.
To whit:

When the full blast of a Houston summer settles in, I find that many fragrances transform from ethereal and delightful to heavy and musky; they just can’t stand up to the heat and humidity. And so, once the thermostat starts inching past 90 degrees, I swap out my perfumes for a few lighter, more summer-appropriate choices.  I don’t have a single,signature perfume, I like to rotate scents out as the mood strikes.A few of my summer standbys are: 1. Fresh’s Strawberry Flowers, 2. Kenzo’s Indian Holi 3. Bobbi Brown’s Beach body oil.

Once the weather really starts heating up, the very idea of long pants at the office is absolutely out of the question for me. I just can’t suffer through it. Fortunately, since leaving the stuffy confines of a law firm, my life as in-house counsel is now casual enough for me to indulge my love of cropped pants and capris. Generally, I think a Laurie Petrie look is the most flattering and office-appropriate style: tailored, slim cut and ending just above the ankles. J.Crew’s Minnie pant (right) and Gap’s slim cropped pants (left) fit the bill quite nicely. 

I’d argue these are an essential year-round and not just in the summer, but all the more so during the hottest months of the year. My own sheets are courtesy of Williams-Sonoma Home and I love them.   Like any good quality cotton sheet, they just get softer and better with time.

When it comes to alcohol, aside from the occasional margarita, I stick almost exclusively to wine — and red wine in particular. Unfortunately, red wine in the summer is not especially refreshing, so I tend to switch over to Sangria. While the homemade stuff is always best (leave it out in the sun as you would iced tea for great results), if you’re in the mood for a quick fix, I love Target’s boxed Sangria — (or, wine cube as Tarjay coins it).  Just be sure to transfer it to a pretty pitcher before serving to avoid the inevitable judgment.

As a full-on shoe addict, summer is the perfect excuse to indulge in a few pairs of flirty, spare sandals and flip-flops. At the start of this season, I’ve indulged in not one but three new pairs.Lord help me as I can’t seem to help myself…From left: DVF’s Zahara thong sandal (now 30% off!), Cole Haan’s Air Whitney (now 50% off and honestly the most comfortable sandal ever — I wore these out in London), and Vera Wang Lavender Label’s Debbie sandal (now 50% off!). 

{And, yes…I’m annoyed I bought these before they all went on sale…but I’m happy to at least be able to pass the tips on to you!}
Thanks Sue for letting me share a few of my survival tips for a stylish summer!

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  1. Having grown up in Houston I hear Averill on the need to survive….fortunately as a kid we escaped to western NC mountains for 2.5 months of each summer. Love these tips….I always forget about the Bobbi Brown beach scent….used to have the lotion and loved it.

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  2. I love her tips especially the Sangria!

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  3. Debby wrote:

    Great guest post! Love reading about different bloggers. That Fresh perfume sounds perfect! xo

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  4. What a fun post:) I love all the tips…Thanks:)
    Have a great day:)

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  5. Definitely know exactly what Averill is talking about, however, I do think Orlando has Houston beat with the heat. And, the unceasing, endless, torrential rain. So while here with daughter it really is survival. I will welcome being back in Houston even in August, you know? xx's

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  6. that's a great guest post, love all her secrets!!

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  7. Fantastic ideas – each one. I have been wanting to try Bobbi Brown Beach body oil and I agree – high quality sheets are a must. Wonderful post!

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  8. White bedding is perfect for summer. Don't you just feel cooler when you're sleeping in white? I like cropped pants on other people, but when I, with my short legs, wear them, I have to wear a high heel like the woman on the left, it's a must if I don't want to look like an Ompa Loompa.

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  9. Cara wrote:

    I just spent 45 min the other day at the Bobbi Brown counter smelling their scents..I never knew the smelled so good!!
    <3 Cara

    PS. Come check out my fabulous giveaway on my blog!

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  10. Great ideas! The Fresh perfume sounds wonderful, I need to try that one out!

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  11. Sangria & crisp white linens are a must! I find myself making sangria almost every weekend in the summer.
    Have a lovely day!

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  12. The Buzz wrote:

    Great Summer Style Secrets post – yet again! Can't wait to try some of that Target Sangria in a box – so practical and pretty!

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  13. Averill wrote:

    Thanks again Sue! And thanks to everyone for their sweet comments!

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  14. Love the finds! Look, smell, taste, feel – all covered! : )

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  15. Marija wrote:

    Something tells me Averill is the most stylish in-house counsel in her hip capris and sandals!! I can't believe I'm saying this after a weekend of way too much sangria but I am dying to try the Target box! Thanks for the tips!!

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  16. It's 85 and probably 90% humidity in Boston today – I might as well be in Texas! I can't wait to indulge in some sangria this summer, but will probably get tanked after just one glass thanks to 9 months of sobriety. This state is weird about booze – I wonder if our Tarjays sell that boxed stuff….

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  17. LindsB wrote:

    I would so like to be home right now wearing cropped pants and sandles, sipping some yummy sangria on my porch, watching the crisp white curtains move with the wind, while faint whiffs of my garden roses fill the air.

    OK, back to reality now 🙂

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  18. Fun post! I love that very first image. It captures a real joy.

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  19. Wonderful guest post! Great tips on how to make the summer more stylish and fun. Going to her blog right now!

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  20. Jammer wrote:

    Sangria!! My weakness 🙂

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  21. Leah wrote:

    Oooh love the cropped pants and the cute sandals! Great picks!

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  22. Christy wrote:

    I LOVE Averill's taste in all things style-related. Those shoes would all look great in my wardrobe, and how I love a good Sangria. Sadly, Target isn't allowed to sell alcohol where I live, so I won't get to try those sangria cubes! Drat!

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  23. Summertime
    thank you soooo much!!!
    happy summer Susan

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  24. Josie wrote:

    I love this series so much! Crisp white bed linens are so gorgeous, especially in the summer. And those sandals are to die for!
    xo Josie

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  25. Yum, I love sangria! This tapas restaurant by my apt has the best I've ever had!

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  26. SweetOnVeg wrote:

    Wonderful summer tips. One of my favourite things about summer is getting to pull out the sandals! And I'm all for a cool pitcher of sangria too. 😉

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  27. Katie Lynn wrote:

    I'm so glad to see that someone else is on the same page I am in terms of Target's wine "cubes" — They're actually FANTASTIC for the price and convenience of them! 🙂 Love your other secrets, as well.

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  28. Thanks so much for finding me and leaving a comment! Woo hoo!! I LOVE your profile description and that you quit your Law Firm. I've been a rebel my whole life (hence, this free bird) and finally embraced the positive side of it. Although I was never really a bad ass rebel…too nerdy for that.

    Anyway, I love this post. Damn those shoes for going on sale, but at least you got your size because that's not always guaranteed 🙂

    Tarjay and a box o' Sangria? I must investigate this seeing as Sangria is a staple at Casa Carrie.

    And p.s. – FRESH STRAWBERRY FLOWERS is my FAVE all year round, but espesh in summer…are you anywhere near Southern California? I think we need to have tea. Or Sangria. 🙂

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  29. drollgirl wrote:

    excellent tips!

    i loathe sweaty hot summer weather! bleh! but sangria makes it a bit more bearable. i have to start making it from scratch, although i am curious to try the one from target!

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  30. sherri wrote:

    who knew Tarjay sold sangria-in-a-box? good to know!

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  31. Great list Averill and I second the Sangria!

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  32. Great list!Sangria in a box …thanks for sharing:)

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  33. Oh, this is great! I am so with her, here in Georgia it is far less about embracing summer than tolerating it, and forget good hair! Love it!

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  34. In the UK we sadly rarely get a summer hot enough to feel we need to deal with the heat – but if it ever happens, your tips are great! Lovely guest post! xoxo

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  35. yay for another Texas girl!

    that body oil from bobbi brown sounds like it would be amazing. i may need to snag some for the beach!

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  36. libys11 wrote:

    aaahh yes!! i totally want to get some of those cropped pants!! 😀 cute sandals as well! 😀

    Animated Confessions

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  37. Viera wrote:

    Thanks Averilll for sharing with us. I just wish its warmer here in Aus.

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  38. cropped pants and sangria?! i am so on the same wave length!! coolness. jx

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  39. Crisp white linens. I love them. That is what I want my bed to look like. 🙂

    Published on 6.23.10 · Reply
  40. Hazel wrote:

    Love the post.. full of great tips, especially love cropped pants.. they look great!! 🙂 Hazel

    Published on 6.24.10 · Reply
  41. CDS wrote:

    cropped pants…sandals…sangria…and all things white. great tips. 🙂

    Published on 6.24.10 · Reply
  42. Having always lived in colder climates, I can't relate to dreading summer, but if I lived in Texas I'm sure I would understand. 🙂 Love the sandal choices and it's so nice of Averill to share them with us now that they're all on sale! I'm seriously thinking about the Cole Haan Air Whitney's because they're not only cute, but sound very comfy – a hard combination to find.

    Published on 6.24.10 · Reply
  43. Kendall wrote:

    Great picks! I don't know how you make it through the summers!

    Published on 6.24.10 · Reply
  44. I would have to agree with all of these, especially the sangria!

    Published on 6.24.10 · Reply
  45. I hear you Averill – the Sydney summers are just like that. Heavy, humid and incredibly hot. Though my native huz can cope, my Swedish DNA is more geared to a milder summer climate and I find it hard to muster the strength to do just anything apart from float around the stunning pacific ocean and drink icy beverages.
    Sangria is always a great idea, though it's so easy to get carried away in the heat of the moment (xuse the summer pun..).

    Lovely post. Thanks girls.

    x Charlotta

    Published on 6.24.10 · Reply
  46. ori wrote:

    I don't know how you guys survive the summer in TX..but you are closer to the beach, while my grandparents are in rattlesnake country in West you have to wear jeans. Cool ideas.

    Published on 6.24.10 · Reply
  47. Marcie wrote:

    I love that she is a lawyer by day. How does she find the time? I had to let the lawyer thing to go to do my blog. 😉


    Published on 6.24.10 · Reply
  48. Sangria indeed– I have to agree with everyone on that, I enjoyed this post, thanks for posting.

    I finally have a little something for you over at mine to say thank you for your help while I was moving. xxc

    Published on 6.24.10 · Reply
  49. Anonymous wrote:

    It's wit not whit.

    Published on 6.24.10 · Reply
  50. Cashon&Co wrote:

    GREAT pics!!! i'm going to have to check out Bobbi Brown's beach …. why am i the only person on this earth that doesn't have any bobbi brown? i need to get with it!! 🙂

    Published on 6.24.10 · Reply
  51. Leigha wrote:

    Love that the DVF 'slippers' (I am still in Hawaii mode) are rubber. Hello pool deck!

    Published on 6.25.10 · Reply
  52. Kathysue wrote:

    Sue and Averill, Love these post, I am all about seeking out new finds for fashion, make-up and hair and in the summer there is a special need for all of the above. I think Averill has incredible and classic taste so this was totally fun for me. I look forward to the next summer Favespost, Kathysue

    Published on 6.29.10 · Reply
  53. Ann wrote:

    Nice post…
    Thanks for the summer tips…
    and the Sangria is most welcome ♥

    Published on 3.2.11 · Reply