Summer Style Secrets: Pretty Pink Tulips

 This week’s “secrets” are coming from Elizabeth 
Through a series of coincidences and mutual friends,
I’ve had the happy experience of meeting 
Elizabeth in person, now several times…
and consider her to be a true friend!
Her charming style and warm personality 
shine through in everything she does.
Here are some of her Summer Style Secrets:
1- Roberta Roller Rabbit Bondi Beach Bag 
     ~ Since “pink” is my color, I love this casual pink print!

2- Neutrogena Healthy Defense Sunscreen
    ~ Before I even put on my swimsuit,
       I make sure my skin is covered.
       The only place a lobster looks good
        is inside a lobster roll!

3- Melissa Obadash cowboy hat
    ~ As an added layer of defense,
       I top off my ponytail with this hat.
       And, as a native Texan….
       I just think it’s cool!

4- Missoni Ipanema Beach Towel
    ~ A bit of a splurge…..
        I just feel so much more chic at the beach
       when I’m lounging on this beach towel.
       Lands End is fine for my boys,
       but mama needs Missoni!

Thanks Elizabeth! 
 ~As a native New Yorker…I think that hat is pretty cool too!

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  1. That is such a sweet posts and she sounds wonderful…I adore the beach bag:)
    Kisses, ladies and have a great day!

    ps: I am hosting a lovely GIVEAWAY, so please join in:) …I bet you will love it!!!

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  2. Who would have thought today would be a perfect beach day in the Northest…but it is! Sue, thanks so much for having me as your guest today!
    xo Elizabeth

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  3. Love the cowboy hat!!

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  4. Cara wrote:

    I would totally splurge for that towel!

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  5. I love "Mama needs Missoni" – I might adopt that as my new mantra!

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  6. I love that bag and beach hat! And Neutrogena has been a staple of mine since I was 12. Awesome guest post!

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  7. The Buzz wrote:

    Now I know what Elizabeth's taking to and wearing on the beach this week! I have to say, I'd go for the cowboy hat, too! Great tips, as ever.

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  8. That Missoni beach towel is too amazing for words! Worth the splurge for sure!

    Oh how I wish summer would hang around a bit longer…

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  9. Not yet ready to let summer go, so thanks for all the nice "summery" tip!

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  10. Nikki wrote:

    Great post, I use that sunblock too!


    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  11. amazing summer style secrets , that Missoni beach towel is beautiful! she has such a great style!

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  12. Love the Roberta Roller Rabbit bag!

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  13. Love the towel! How can you not feel glamorous with anything Missoni?

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  14. Another fantastic photo of you both! I love the rolling pink beach bag, so practical and pretty!!!!

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  15. Ms. Bright wrote:

    What a great towel! I always like to have a fabulous beach towel, too. Even if I'm a hot beachy mess, I'll still look chic…I hope!

    You won't believe it, but I had told myself I needed to visit your blog today to see what it was all about. I kept seeing it mentioned or followed by so many of my faves and figured it must be amazing. IT IS.

    I can't tell you how honored I was that you commented on my post today!
    And you're following- EEK!!!!

    Sorry, comments and followers are like my crack, except not as dangerous and bad for your skin!

    xo, Ms. Bright

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  16. Alexis wrote:

    Love Elizabeth and PPT…
    I have never met her in person but I consider her a true friend too, with some people their wonderful qualities just transcend!
    Great tips…

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  17. La Dolfina wrote:

    You two are gorgeous and fabulous!!
    Love you both

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  18. I love that bag and beach towel! Great finds!

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  19. great beach bag

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  20. love the beach bag!it is a pretty color

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  21. what an adorable cowboy hat. i could never pull that off – but it looks so cute on that model.

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  22. Josie wrote:

    I love that beach bag — such a fun print! And she sounds like such a dear.
    xo Josie

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  23. Beautiful. Love the cowboy hat! What a fun friend to have. You guys are lovely!

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  24. Estelle wrote:

    Great list. Love the hat as well and I'm a California girl. I think we all wish we had a little piece of Texas. =)

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  25. Great guest post-

    Love the straw cowboy hat- Have wanted to get one but am worried it would be hard to pack when we travel- So I've been sticking with fabric.

    Love it though-

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  26. Nuit wrote:

    YES!!! I love the hat!! and the towel 🙂

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  27. Melissa wrote:

    I wear the same sunscreen every day! Hooray for preventing skin damage!

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  28. love loving Melissa Obadash!!

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  29. coolkids wrote:

    love that towel!!!

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  30. Sue and Elizabeth, Isn't it great how people take a virtual experience in our little common niches, and turn them into the life transforming events. I love this world more everyday. Thank you for visiting and yes, my previous post took me 5 hours of research I can't get enough of Lutyens.

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  31. Yay! I love these and I love Elizabeth's style. Momma does need Missoni!!

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  32. Beautiful photo of you two. Isn't it great to meet the person behind the blogs? I had coffee with a fellow design blogger (and previous attorney) yesterday and it was so fun. "Mama needs Missoni" –love it!

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  33. ooh looks like a fabulous blog! OMG and that Missoni towel? unreal. I *need* one. especially when I move out to LA + am going to the beach every weekend 😉
    xx fallon

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  34. What great picks. Love the towel and the hat!

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  35. what a gorgeous pic of you two! love the beach bag and the towel would be totally worth the splurge! 🙂

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  36. I love meeting other bloggers! It is so much fun, and I love the friendships that come. Sue, you look amazing, and beautiful!

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  37. You two look so adorable together! And 'Mom needs Missoni' is just the ticket!
    Good to see you in great spirits!


    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  38. Gorgeous photo of you two! that cowboy hat and RR beach bag on my list too! KG

    Published on 9.1.10 · Reply
  39. What a lovely picture of both of you. Really like her summer style secrets.
    Will go now to say hello over at her blog

    Published on 9.2.10 · Reply
  40. I love a great beach towel too! I finally "splurged" on one nice one for myself this year:)

    Published on 9.2.10 · Reply
  41. Beatriz wrote:

    Same with the cowboy hat! I totally rock mine in the summertime. People think I'm kidding… I'm not. It takes a special cool and confidence to pull it off right 😉

    Hope you're doing wonderful Love!

    Published on 9.2.10 · Reply
  42. Love it! And how fabulous is that photo?! xx

    Published on 9.2.10 · Reply
  43. Great tips! Loving the cowgirl hat so much! I wear one every single weekend in the Hamptons…carefree and protects my hair and face. Although, my hat is not as "fancy" as Elizabeth's! Great beach towel and beach bag too. Yummy suggestions all around.

    Published on 9.2.10 · Reply
  44. Love the idea of a Missoni beach towel.

    Published on 9.2.10 · Reply
  45. First of all YOU look gorgeous! Not a day over 18!!
    I want to hear all of YOUR beauty secrets please!!

    Pretty Pink Tulips is fabulous. Love her and it was so nice to read this post. Thank you for sharing!!

    xx C

    Published on 9.2.10 · Reply
  46. Love it! What a dynamic duo! Elizabeth is one of my favorites! Cheers, Kate

    Published on 9.2.10 · Reply
  47. Elizabeth is a wonderful woman!
    xo xo

    Published on 9.2.10 · Reply
  48. Hats off to that! I conquer with the cowboy hat, a staple for every native Texan 🙂 The Missoni scarf is so great, and if anyone has an eye for style, it's Elizabeth! Let's talk photo, S-KUTE! Even a snapshot captures the beauty and warmth the two of you both radiate. Two darling peas in a stylish pod!!! XO, Kelly

    Published on 9.2.10 · Reply
  49. Oh, I love her! I'm all for a cowboy hat at the beach, too, so chic with a little black bikini! XX!

    Published on 9.2.10 · Reply
  50. Debby wrote:

    Great choices, love the healthy defense… and the price tag too! You two look beautiful!! xo

    Published on 9.2.10 · Reply
  51. love that hat, Elizabeth!

    Published on 9.2.10 · Reply
  52. Krystal wrote:

    I would LOVE that beach towel!

    Published on 9.6.10 · Reply