Summer Style Secrets: Sogni e Sorrisi

This week’s Summer Style Secrets are coming from up north
in Canada!  Welcome Connie from Sogni e Sorrisi!

Summer is here! Where I live that means beaches and pools, sunlight and patios, and the right products to beat the heat. Here are some of my preferred beauty items for the summer and beyond…

I have curly hair and it’s a constant battle, especially in the warmer months. I’ve never gotten up the courage to try Japanese straightening or Brazilian Keratin treatments (I’m always worried about how my hair would grow out), but this DIY at home kit seemed like a safe alternative. It doesn’t give you straight hair it just makes your hair shinier, softer and easier to straighten and manage. Really works well with my hair.

Fake it until you make it, right? These bronzing rocks are the perfect thing to use before or after you get a sun-kissed glow this summer (and if you prefer to stay out of the sun altogether they work just as well). The shimmer can be brushed on or the little rocks can be wielded like chalk and used on eyes, cheeks or lips.

This is a year-round thing. Love the way it prepares my face pre-makeup and I also like that it contains SPF. I’m absolutely terrible about putting on sunscreen so this is a good way to incorporate it into my routine.

I think a good exfoliator is a must-have, especially in the summer when you need to get rid of all the heat-induced grime caused by everything from sunscreen to perspiration. I like this one from Origins. It leaves me feeling all fresh and shiny.

I know I’ve talked about this stuff before, but I’m still excited about having discovered it. Before my manicures would last 2-3 days, max. I never wanted to get my fingernails painted when going away because I knew once the polish started to chip I would have to find someone wherever I was to fix it. No more. This gel is natural-looking and there are no files or drills, it just gets baked on your nail and lasts between 2-3 weeks. Even better? The product comes in a large variety of colours including my two fail safes Midnight in Moscow and Bubble Bath–and a new fave, You Don’t Know Jacques!

I’m looking forward to hearing about everyone elses style secrets–and will be taking notes! Thanks so much to Sue for asking me to participate in this series and I hope you all enjoy the summer! xo Connie

These all look great…
Thanks Connie!

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  1. Hi Grils:) What a great post:) I love love love the Origins exfoliator…Its my must have too:) Hope you have a lovely day and see you soon:)

    ps: I am hosting a great GIVEAWAY, so please join in:) …I bet you will enjoy it!

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  2. Stacey wrote:

    I have curly hair too and leave in conditioners and creamy moisturizers help with the humidity of the summer months. I also can't be without my Clinique Superdefense moisturizer with spf 25. For makeup, i love Mac Pre+Prime with spf 50 before applying foundation.

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  3. Sweet almond
    oil is the best
    body moisturizer
    while still wet
    from the shower…
    and babasu oil
    is fantastic for
    the hair ~ only
    a few drops needed
    for shine!
    Thanks for the
    great tips!
    xx Suzanne

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  4. ceo wrote:

    Love Nars…….


    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  5. my conditionor from Goldwell has Keratin in it – i bet that stuff would be good -i'm gonna go check it out lovey!!! – thanks for sharing!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  6. Oh, I will have to look in to the nail polish…I have the same problem!

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  7. Cara wrote:

    Bronzing rocks?! Love it, I will have to try them!

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  8. Great tips! My hair has been a disaster this summer with the hot weather. I'm going to go check out that liquid keratin. Thanks for the tips!

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  9. The Buzz wrote:

    Once again, some great summer style secrets – I've never heard of baking the color into my nails… Will definitely look into that!

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  10. Grass is always greener and I'm SO jealous of your curly hair. I have straight hair and back in the day I would get 2 perms a year and would purposely frizz it out! I am big time nodding at the exfoliator…MUST have and your skin is doing cheers 🙂

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  11. i love that nail gel tip! thanks:)

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  12. Great tips!! Bronzing rocks?? Gotta try it!

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  13. Great post, I love NARS products!

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  14. I've wanted to try the gel nails! Nice post, Connie!

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  15. Love all the ideas —- but think I NEED that exfoliator!!! Thanks for the tip! xo Elizabeth

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  16. Marie Z. wrote:

    Fantastic post! I think I have to try those rocks as well ; )

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  17. Great round-up! Love Origins Sea Salt Scrub and anything by Nars. I've gotta check out that nail gel thing!

    xx Vivian @

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  18. Thanks for having me Sue!

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  19. Great secrets! Connie is a sweetheart and she has great style!

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  20. Nikki wrote:

    I love that NARS primer. I need it every single day!

    love your summer post!


    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  21. I too have curly hair…with a little of the dreaded frizz. I have debated to whole Brazilian thing too but worry about losing all of my curls. I am excited to try the liquid keratin. Thanks for sharing.

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  22. Valerie wrote:

    I've heard of that nail gel and I'm intrigued! I might have to try it. Great tips!


    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  23. Andrea wrote:

    Oh, what great tips Connie! I am going to have to look into the liquid Keratin because I have also been contmeplating the straightener treatment.

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  24. those suits are so cute, i want them! where in the world can i get some?

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  25. Pemberley wrote:

    These are all great tips. Do you do your nails yourself with that or do you have to find a salon that does it? By the way, I just added a photo of HRH to my blog post. ; )

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  26. Averill wrote:

    Great suggestions, Connie! Love that the NARS primer has SPF. Oh and my sister got the Brazilian hair straightner and she LOVES it.

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  27. ladies- love the collaboration! 🙂

    and the bronzing rocks? superb! i am in need of some "color" since i am stuck in the office too much during the sunshine. great new find!

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  28. Love the post ladies!!! All fabulous choices. I have been wanting to try that Axxium but haven't gotten around to it yet. Definitely will now with your suggestion 🙂

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  29. I wish my hair would at least make up its mind what it wants to be…frizzy, wavey and straight all on one head – arrghhh!!! Completely agree on the exfoliating bit, really need it in summer. Great post and choices. Love from London x

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  30. I love the idea of the bronzing rocks! I am very NOT tan! And I don't get too much sun. Glad for the tips today!

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  31. drollgirl wrote:

    ooooh, i want to try the origins exfoliator! i need a new one!

    and my beach vacation is COMING RIGHT UP, so these tips came in the nick of time! 🙂

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  32. The Origins' exfoliator is something I'm gonna have to try. Great list!

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  33. Thanks for the wonderful comments everyone!

    @Pemberley – I think you would have to do your nails at the salon because you don't just need the gel product but also one of those little nail oven things (I'm technical, I know!) to cook them in. Although if you have both I don't see why you couldn't do it yourself!

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  34. Jennifer wrote:

    I'm definitely making some additions to my summer shopping list now! Wonderful picks. I need a new exfoliator too. That Origins one looks great!

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  35. Leigha wrote:

    I love a good exfoliator. My 'thrifty' go to is the apricot scrub by Saint Ives. Although the Origins one is aesthetically gorgeous (and yes, I also occasionally pick wines according to the graphic appeal of the labels…oops!).

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  36. I think I wanna try the bronzing rocks. Those sound interesting and I'm trying to avoid the leather strap from too much sun look. hehe

    This entire list really is excellent – thanks Connie!!

    ps- Zhush my love – that belt was well within budgetary range at a mere $42! Not the cheapest belt, but most certainly not $100 – $200 like so many others I've seen. yahoooo-sers Anthropologie!!


    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  37. SBG wrote:

    i hate my curly hair! my straightening iron is my bff.

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  38. Great list! I have been using the Origins scrub for years and love it. In fact, all of my favorite face products come from them. I need to try that nail lacquer you suggested!

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  39. Naina wrote:

    I love this post. I need to try some of those products. I love anything NARS! I hear the keratin treatment for the hair works pretty well

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  40. liza wrote:

    I must try the Nars! Thank you!

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  41. Would love to try the nail gel. Nail polish on my fingers lasts 2 days if I'm lucky. Thanks!

    Published on 7.21.10 · Reply
  42. Wow, what a great post. Like having a personal beauty stylist!
    Love the products you listed and will follow up and see if some are available here in Australia. Esp. the nail gel sounds perfect for our hot & beachy Summers.

    x Charlotta

    Published on 7.22.10 · Reply
  43. Marcie wrote:

    Exfoliating is such a big part of my summer regime. I love Origins! It alwasy does such a great job.

    xo Marcie

    Published on 7.22.10 · Reply
  44. I think I wanna try the bronzing rocks. Those sound interesting and I'm trying to avoid the leather strap from too much sun look.

    Published on 7.22.10 · Reply
  45. Josie wrote:

    What a sweetheart! I love her blog, and her bronzing tips are fab!
    xo Josie

    Published on 7.22.10 · Reply
  46. CDS wrote:

    Loved the tips…fun read on a Wednesday evening. oxox

    Published on 7.22.10 · Reply
  47. I swear by the Moroccanoil for frizzy hair. Great series!!

    Published on 7.22.10 · Reply
  48. Sounds like we're all loving the bronzing rocks. Thanks for the tip, I've never heard of them but will be trying them and passing it on. Always looking for a great exfoliater too. Haven't tried Origins yet. I'm the girl that waits for my girl fiends that are product queens to give me good advice. I just never take the time to search them out on my own. Thanks for the great tips!

    Published on 7.22.10 · Reply
  49. Mary Ann wrote:

    thanks for the tips! I would like to try the exfoliator. hope your week is going great. verbena cottage

    Published on 7.22.10 · Reply
  50. Krystal wrote:

    These are all great things! I'm totally intrigued by the nail gel….

    Published on 7.22.10 · Reply
  51. The bronzing rocks look and sound amazing. I love the body scrubs from Origins, I have the lavender one – they exfoliate and moisturise at the same time!

    Published on 7.22.10 · Reply
  52. Kristin wrote:

    I liver for exfoliating scrubs!!

    Published on 7.22.10 · Reply
  53. Kristin wrote:

    And that's LIVE for. Ah ha ha

    Published on 7.22.10 · Reply
  54. Love this series and finding new products!! Love her pics!! Hope you have a fabulous friday!

    Published on 7.23.10 · Reply
  55. Dobbygirl wrote:

    Two of my favorite bloggers in one post?!? Fabu! Great picks Connie! Love you both!

    Published on 7.24.10 · Reply
  56. Cashon&Co wrote:

    I'm always looking for new bronzers, and I LOVE AlLL her picks!! Keratin treatment is the best…..

    Published on 7.25.10 · Reply
  57. Great post Connie! I will now be looking for bronzing rocks and that Origin exfoliator!

    I love this series! I learn so many new things.

    Hugs to you both, Mon

    Published on 7.26.10 · Reply