Summer Style Secrets

This summer, I’m really looking forward to getting away on 
a few quick trips with some of my close friends.  
As a wife and mother, its so hard to find the time
for quality “girl time”.  

 One of the many things I miss from my younger years, 
is the sharing of information that comes 
with living in a dorm or apartment with your friends.
Some of the best beauty and style tips 
I’ve ever gotten have come from this time tested method.

Over the summer, I thought it might be fun to 
share style secrets here each Wednesday.
To get the ball rolling,
I will be sharing a few of my own summer beauty
“secret weapons” here today.

1.  Rene Furterer Emulsion Control

This is hands down the best stuff
when it comes to controlling the “summer frizz”.
Lately it seems that Moroccan Oil
has been getting all the buzz,
( I do use that as well)
but, when the air gets really sticky around here,
I always return to this product.
Its incredibly light weight, almost odorless,
and it really smoothes things down nicely.

2.  Virgin Island Water by Creed

A lovely and intoxicating light
weight blend of coconut, white rum, bergamot and musk.
If you can’t be vacationing in the islands all summer long,
why not just smell like it?

3.  Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion

For me, this is THE best moisturizer in the world.
The fact that it’s odorless,
and available at almost every supermarket
and drugstore chain, makes it all the better.
In a pinch, I will even use a small dab
on my hair to keep away the mid day frizz.

4.  Lantershine Lip Protector

This incredible lip balm was given to me by a friend
 a few years ago.  I have been addicted to it ever since.
Goes on clear and shiny with the slightest hint
of golden shimmer.
Protects against chapped and sunburned lips.

Items 1,2, and 3 can all be found here.
# 4 can be found here.

I hope you enjoyed my summer style secrets…
Over the next few weeks
I’ll be asking some of my favorite bloggers
to share some of their style secrets as well.

What are some of yours?

Images via:  CondeNast;DwellingsandDesign;GoogleImages

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  1. Krystal wrote:

    i love it! lotion is a must (especially my favorite philosophy shimmery lotion!), lip gloss, my fave clinique face lotion with spf…
    ahhh summer…can't wait! (it's raining now 🙁 )

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  2. Oh, fun post. I am going to check out #1. I typically do Japanese straightening on my hair 2x per year….but I didn't get around to it before I got pregnant and I am regretting it big time with the humidity setting in!

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  3. Ooooh, I have to try that hair product. Also, ck your email. I sent you my tips yesterday. 🙂

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  4. i really love this idea! sharing beauty and fashion finds is definitely one of my favorite parts about living with my girlfriends — and SEVEN of them, starting this august! it will be a blast. i'm racing to try your defrizz product as that is definitely my biggest beauty concern come summertime! thanks for the lovely post.

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  5. I spent years in the fashion industry always getting the best and latest tips and product info from the most talented people in the business. Reading your article made me realize just how out of touch I now am on great "beauty tips". Great idea to share!

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  6. Love this post…I need those tips….I am making notes sweetie!
    Kisses and keep them coming!

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  7. Oh this is going to be a fabulous series.. I love hearing real advice + loved products! xx

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  8. Love this post!! I am totally going to try the hair product. 5 mins on the beach and my hair looks like a muppet!!

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  9. oh, i'm so with you on the cetaphil zushie, it is a life saver!

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  10. awe cute post! – i LOVE hearing what other people use!!! .. in the summer i'm down the shore on the weekends so i just let me hair go for the "beach hair" look .. i'm VERY carefree during the summer months – especially down the shore – it's just really about the Aloe for after the boat :o)

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  11. What a fun series! I love your list and I'm going to try Creed. I don't wear any perfumes, but since you described it so nicely I'm going to give it a try.

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  12. Anything to calm hair down in the summer months is exciting news! I have thick, long hair and even though I wear it close to shoulder length when the weather gets warmer…it often ends up in a pony tail or somehting worse!

    I wear perfume everyday, so I love hearing about new scents!!!

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  13. Must try the product for frizzy hair. Thanks for the tips – looking forward to reading some more!

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  14. Emily wrote:

    My favorite for summer and winter is pure virgin coconut oil. I slather it on all over, except my face. Good stuff! I will be looking for the hair product you posted too!

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  15. I love Cetaphil too! Great post!!

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  16. I love all of the pictures in this post. If I could choose an era to live in, it would be during that innocent, wholesome time.
    Thank you too, for all of the summer tips!

    I have not completely decided what I am going to make with my new fabric, but probably aprons and bags. I made a pillow case that was really cute though, so maybe…
    I buy beautiful fabric to make things and then struggle because it's to pretty too cut! 🙂

    Are you joining me for Friday Pretties?

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  17. Must get some of the hair frizz control. The humidity + my hair = not so pretty!

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  18. Oh this is such a fabulous idea!!! I'm all about the summer essentials and change my routine up quite a bit. Totally gonna check out the Rene Furterer Emulsion Control.

    Happy Wednesday! 🙂

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  19. lisaroy wrote:

    Great post idea! I always love to hear of great products! : )

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  20. Melanie wrote:

    I LOVE Creed Virgin Island water, I mix it with Spring flowers, just to add a bit of floral. And Renee Furtrerer has one of my favorite products too, her okala spray is amazing, it detangles and helps hold color 🙂

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  21. It's a fab idea, love it! That lip balm looks and sounds so good, I want to try it! I am totally addicted to lip balm, I can't live without it 🙂

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  22. Girl talk, oh yes, best when on a little trip together!!! Suchlovely tips, I adore those 50's style swim suits!!! Just so fun! And I'm using Cetaphil too! The lip balm sounds intriguing!
    We should all do a little summer secret exchange…


    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  23. sara wrote:

    What a great post! I miss those girl trips, and I agree that you usually hit the jackpot on those adventures with lots of great tips on style and products. I will definitely have to try #1 (humidity is the enemy of all Southern hair!) and #4!

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  24. I'll have to check out #1!

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  25. Love Cetaphil! And the rest….well, you'll just have to wait and see! xoxo

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  26. Cara wrote:

    LOVE Creed! Great summer scent…My best summer secret is to apply Fredrick Fekkai's hair mask with shea butter to wet hair before you go out in the sun…After you rinse it out- your hair is silky smooth 🙂


    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  27. Debby Lee wrote:

    Love this post. I am a self pronounced beauty junkie. lol That perfume sounds heavenly… I haven't heard of it. You can bet I will be checking that out! I am currently loving ROC Daily Resurfacing Disks ~ great price and one of the few products that I can actually see a difference in my skin! xo

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  28. paula wrote:

    girl time, now that sounds fabulous.

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  29. I can't live without aquaphor or my DHC facewash. Can. not. live.

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  30. Have never lived with other girls even at boarding schools so I am unfamiliar with that sentiment, sadly. I use a warm towel infused with lavender oil as a facial cleanser – then I add a spot of moisture with La Prairie or Eucerin day cream. It's time reading about your style secrets, thoug;-)

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  31. La Dolfina wrote:

    Sue… this is such a great idea for a summer series! Love the images of the old time gal pals… so sweet. I must try the lip balm, it looks and sounds marvelous!!!
    Thanks for the great tips!!!

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  32. McKenzie wrote:

    Great idea! I too miss all the beauty-sharing from living with six girls last year… My main obsession is Johnson's baby lotion to moisturize after a hot shower! It's gentle, clean and smells fresh and cozy — what could be better?

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  33. Super sweet pics! I'm longing for my next girlfriend trip….it's right around the corner!
    One of my favorite finds was rediscovering Bonnie Bell Lipsmackers! My favorite is Dr. Pepper, which has a slight tint to it. My lips love it. Another recent discovery is Sweet Almond Oil, which I slather on after a shower. I buy mine at GNC and it's very reasonable. Happy day to you, Z! xx Suzanne

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  34. Like all the other comments before me, hair frizz once stepping outside here in the humid deep south is my biggest issue after dressing. I love a wonderful hat which keeps frizz down a tad if you put it on before going out!

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  35. What great tips! I use DHC Extra Virgin Olive Oil on my face nightly. It is a great moisturizer!
    Health and happiness,

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  36. What a great summer series especially when it keeps the frizz down. I have lost my source for Rene products which are the absolute best, have been using thme for about 5 years. My hair misses them so I will try some of your other suggestions. XO

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  37. The Buzz wrote:

    What a surprise – Chanel lipstick! 🙂 I can't wait for this new series and all the wondeful things we'll discover!

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  38. I'll have to try the Cetaphil moisturizer – I already use the face wash.

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  39. I LOVE CETAPHIL! I've used it forever and always lather it on my skin every morning.

    I also love neutrogena sun screen and plum eye liner.

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  40. This is so great, Sue! Can't wait to play along! I am all about some Creed Silver Mountain water, girl. One of my faves, for winter and summer!

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  41. Jessie wrote:

    Cetaphil is truly the best! Glad to see it on your list! Jessie at The Gimlet Eye

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  42. CDS wrote:

    I can't live without a good sunblock chap stick in the summer…I usually go with good old chapstick. I also put on sunblock everyday…living in Miami you have to.

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  43. Leah wrote:

    Love this advice! Where can I get that hair stuff? Love it!

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  44. Lady Ren wrote:

    I can't live without Cetaphil.

    I have been on the look out for a face mist- went to Sephora twice already and hummed and hawed- It is hard to find one that is light, gentle and refreshing.

    Do you use one?

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  45. So excited for this series, want to run out and get that magical hair junk right this second!

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  46. Great idea for Wednesday posts! I am excited to try that hair product. I also use Neem oil once a week to condition my hair, which is curly/ frizzy.

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  47. Great items!

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  48. congrats on wanting to look for girl time because i see so many moms today that do not take time for themselves and before they know it they are suffering a crisis… hope this summer brings you lots of style and girl time!

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  49. Have to try that hair potion. Today I have no jewelry on and amazingly it is so freeing. I usually feel the need to be accessorized and love it without. Not really a summer secret but sometimes, at least today, less is more.

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  50. Marcie wrote:

    Amazing tips! I love Neutrogena face lotion in spf 30. It blocks the sun but is light enough to allow make-up.

    I am excited to see your Wednesday posts!

    🙂 marcie

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  51. Lantershine sounds amazing! and what a pretty colour too. Does it give off the pinky-ness?! And Cetaphil. Sigh. Used to love it until my skin got a mind of it's own! hehe XO

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  52. Cetaphil is awesome! I use their face cleanser, the lotion, and the gentle cleansing bar. So good for sensitive skin! And a great price. 🙂

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  53. These are some great tips. Not sure if i can find all products here but i will def try. What a great idea to share this. xx

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  54. Love your tips! I used to buy Rene Furterer hair products, but somehow forgot about them. A good lip balm and a basic, non smelling body cream are a must and Creed's perfume are all lovely!

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  55. Josie wrote:

    I love your tips, doll! I've heard that Cetaphil is absolutely AMAZING. And I also love swapping beauty tips during girl time… I have a friend who turned me on to the magic that is Dr. Pepper Lipsmackers, and I never put it down.
    xxoo Josie

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  56. Deanna wrote:

    Perks of living in a sorority house! They were built to encourage style secret swapping. The Emulsion Control seems awesome – I might have to try it out. My hair grows in direct proportion to the humidity and if I don't use product, it'll have an honest to goodness wingspan. Love this post and the idea for tips!

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  57. This is fun, lovely idea. Looking forward to your Wednesdays post. In Summertime I cannot without lipgloss. ^_^

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  58. Great tips! And I love the black and white photos. The Virgin Island Water sounds amazing. I wish I got to experience living with friends. I kind of skipped that phase.

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  59. Hampton wrote:

    great product for frizzy hair–mine is a mess the minute there is any moisture in the air. am seriously considering getting it straightened this summer-hope it doesn't all fall out!

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  60. Stephanie wrote:

    I'm wearing the Creed right now and was going to do a post on it next week! Don't you just love it?

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  61. Maria wrote:

    beach post* ! I love this. gotta make a beach visit this weekend*


    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  62. love this post!! Love everything Creed!! I use Fleurissimo but I need to try this one now!!!
    Hope you are having a great week!

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  63. nice nice 🙂 Beauty secrets are the best, you are so right, you pick the best products frm your friends and people you know! Great idea!!

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  64. I am constantly looking for something to control my frizzy hair – so excited to try out your recommendation! And so true about how much more information sharing you get when you live with girls.

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  65. drollgirl wrote:

    i love these b&w pictures!!! and i have never tried any of your recommended products! i'm on it! this girl could use some new beauty tips/products, so thanks for the help! 🙂

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  66. i thought i had tried *every* anti-frizz product out there.
    this is a new one to me — does it really and truly work?!

    Published on 6.2.10 · Reply
  67. i just caught myself in the mirror and really i don't think i'm worthy of posting ANY advice…but I will TAKE it all!!

    Published on 6.3.10 · Reply
  68. annechovie wrote:

    Great post! That Creed fragrance sounds very tempting. xo

    Published on 6.3.10 · Reply
  69. Kristin wrote:

    You had me at coconut. Must try out that Creed scent! I live for my Aveeno gradual self tanner in the summer. It looks totally natural and doesn't have that unpleasant smell that so many of them do!

    Published on 6.3.10 · Reply
  70. Cashon&Co wrote:

    I can't wait to smell the creed. Love that brand and all the ingredients you listed sonunds like ALL my favorites! Thanks, I'll let you know when I try it.

    Published on 6.3.10 · Reply
  71. I love your post and can't wait to get more tips for beauty. I agree that the times are missed when we all lived together and shared makeup and tips.
    I love going with a girlfriend to MAC for a makeover. They know all the tips and are happy to share and I get to hang with a friend and stock up on the season's newest goodies. It's time for a summer trip.

    Published on 6.3.10 · Reply
  72. Maggie wrote:

    I know what you mean.there's hardly quality time for ourselves.

    Published on 6.3.10 · Reply
  73. The sharing of information? You forgot to mention the sharing of wardrobes?! 😉
    I use cetaphil as well, and my fave lately is Philosophy's Microdelivery peel since I've had to cut back on the microdermbrasion!

    Published on 6.3.10 · Reply
  74. Kendall wrote:

    This is the BEST idea! Believe me, I could use some major beauty tips this summer. I'm working like crazy and have not been doing the little things to take care of myself! Maybe this will give me some motivation!

    Published on 6.4.10 · Reply
  75. I just wanted to say that I love those swimming costumes. I want one. I have never been a fan of the two piece.

    Published on 6.4.10 · Reply
  76. liza wrote:

    I have six tubs (scary, I know …i'm not a big box person but costco was having a special) of Cetaphil upstairs… can't live without it. I'm off to get some Lantershine – it sounds fantastic.

    Published on 6.5.10 · Reply
  77. Dang Girl
    you got it going on, lots of good stuff to recommend and lot of wonderful comments, including mine 🙂 Great post, I love, love, my new find, Ponds make up remover wipes with the the little microdermabrasion sweep on one side leaves my skin glowing. Before I head outside this summer currently using Alba SPF 30 with Green Tea, Love. Both available at Target. Thank you for the comment, I will be back!

    Published on 6.7.10 · Reply
  78. Leigha wrote:

    As I transition to 'seasonal seasons' in the Pacific Northwest (from year long summer in Hawaii) my hair, lips, skin, etc. is taking a beating! Cannot wait for all these tips.

    Published on 6.8.10 · Reply