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  1. Krystal wrote:

    those chloe ones are super cute 🙂

    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  2. Debby wrote:

    Love the Burberry! Very sweet… I would want the matching handbag though, (and the coat)!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. xo

    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  3. Karena wrote:

    So so true! Sue I love the Jimmy Choo key holder!

    Art by Karena

    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  4. Stephanie wrote:

    I was going for the Burberry one and then I saw the Leiber! That is too sweet!

    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  5. Deb wrote:

    Love the Chloe keychain the best with the little bird! What is it about keychains that make them so fun to collect! I have way more keychains than I have keys to put on them. :o)

    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I've been on the lookout for a keychain with a small wallet on it- to no avail. Perhaps I will just go with one of your selections instead 🙂

    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  7. daisychain wrote:

    the chloe bird, adorable!

    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  8. I'm in love with that Chloe one! It's perfection! Hope you're having a fabulous weekend xoxo

    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  9. Okay, wait a minute, these are way nice.
    And if you really think about it, this would almost fall under the category of a "practical" purchase…almost.
    I'll take one of each.

    Happy Sunday, Alcira


    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  10. La Dolfina wrote:

    I agree! I've always loved a great key chain. I used to be obsessed in fact, but I've mellowed a bit. Hope you are having a great weekend!


    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  11. the chloe bow keychain is too cute. i love that find… and now after seeing that, it's time to start my "xmas wishlist.." 🙂

    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  12. i have a great one my sis brought me from africa… it has all these beads… have a nice sunday!

    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  13. Love the Burberry and the Lanvin, but they are all beautiful. Something I need to replace and never think of it.
    Have nice Sunday!

    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  14. I love that Chloe one – bows all the way!!

    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  15. Always have the same LV key case I have used for years…the one with the little zipper pouch…they last about 6 or 7 years then I get another one…but that Lanvin beauty is tempting me to make a switch.


    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  16. difficult t pick! but that Lanvin one has been on my radar for some time now!!
    Hope you are having a nice weekend Sue! xoxo

    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  17. lila Check wrote:

    I'm in love with that Chloe one too!
    fabulous spread with very good taste<very chic!
    love your blog too!

    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  18. McKenzie wrote:

    So fun!! That cupcake is too fabulous. Happy Sunday!

    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  19. I love all of these and am always a little shocked at the price of such a small thing! happy sunday! 🙂

    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  20. these are great pieces but my key chain at the moment is overloaded, must make a mental note to fix that problem

    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  21. Love love. I have a key chain fetish. Literally. I have weight my key chains all together and it's over 30 lbs. crazy right? lol I know…

    follow my blog and I'll follow yours!

    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  22. style'n wrote:

    I would love any one of these! the Chloe one is especially cute 🙂

    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  23. Sarah B wrote:

    They're all so cute but which one to choose….???

    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  24. I am lovin the little cupcske! So me!
    Have a pretty day!

    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  25. Anna Elder wrote:

    i love ALL things Chloe! the clothes, the bags, the accessories. ahhh. thanks for this post.

    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  26. Amy R. wrote:

    I take the cupcake!
    Amy R.

    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  27. Oh….Fendi and Chloe are ones I would love to see in my Christmas stocking!

    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  28. Great round-up of key chains. Love the cupcake!

    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  29. emilia. wrote:

    WOW these are gorgeous! i love them all. 🙂

    Published on 10.17.10 · Reply
  30. Ann wrote:

    The serious me wants the Lanvin, but the silly me loves the Chloe!

    Published on 10.18.10 · Reply
  31. Stacey wrote:

    The Chloe ones are super cute! Love them all though. XX

    Published on 10.18.10 · Reply
  32. Jammer wrote:

    My eyes got as big as flying saucers as soon as I saw that black chloe one. I want!

    Published on 10.18.10 · Reply
  33. I showed this to my boys and they liked Fendi, Choo and Chloe. Then my youngest says, "those are all great names for a baby sister…can we get one of those too?"

    "Then my oldest says, no silly, those are good names for the dog mom wants! A sister doesn't come with a tag…those are decorations for the dog collar!!"

    So that's what happens when I share blog world with my kids. I wonder what would happen if I shared this visually adorable list with hubs…. 🙂

    Published on 10.18.10 · Reply
  34. I looove both Chloe ones! I'm always drawn to feminine and playful pieces!

    Published on 10.18.10 · Reply
  35. Elaine wrote:

    the cupcake is so cute!

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

    Published on 10.18.10 · Reply
  36. Josie wrote:

    I love the first Chloe one! So chic. I have a Coach keychain that I'm actually attached to 24/7.
    xo Josie

    Published on 10.18.10 · Reply
  37. Love that Chloe keychain!

    Published on 10.18.10 · Reply
  38. Who doesn't need a fab keychain like this? What a great way to add a little luxury to your life, without a huge pricetag! I'm loving the Fendi keychain!

    Published on 10.19.10 · Reply
  39. I am also (!) a total key chain and wallet snob! (:

    I am happy with my Louis Vitton key holder(looks brand new after 5 years) but I wouldn't mind the first one as a back up.

    A warm hug to you.


    Published on 10.19.10 · Reply
  40. Who knew keychains could be so glamorous?!

    Published on 10.25.10 · Reply