Sunday Style Obsessions: Boogie Shoes!

{Miu Miu}
{Christian Louboutin}

{Miu Miu}
{Michael Kors}

 {Miu Miu}
{Miu Miu}

{Jil Sander }

{Christian Louboutin}


I wanna put on 
my my my my my Boogie Shoes…
and Boogie with YOU!
{K.C. and The Sunshine Band}

Images via:  NeimanMarcus;BergdorfGoodman;Saks;Barneys;GoogleImages

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  1. Debra wrote:

    I would most definately kill myself or at least cause some sort of serious injury! I'll dance along… in ballet flats-for safety reasons.

    Published on 3.28.10 · Reply
  2. only if you pair them with M.C Hammer balloon pants…

    Published on 3.28.10 · Reply
  3. Stephanie wrote:

    I think I'm in a post – winter shoe rut. Must go shopping for something fun!

    Published on 3.28.10 · Reply
  4. Debby Lee wrote:

    I love the Michael Kors shoes! I seem to be living in flats these days, I know boring… but at least they are really cute flats!

    Published on 3.28.10 · Reply
  5. Kathysue wrote:

    Oh My the 70s are coming back?!! Too funny but very cool looking shoes!! Kathysue

    Published on 3.28.10 · Reply
  6. Cashon&Co wrote:

    LOUBOUTIN. Can never go wrong with them, even if they ARE boogie nights!! 🙂

    Published on 3.28.10 · Reply
  7. Staley Mc wrote:

    Oh I love these I am such a sucker for a platform though!

    Published on 3.28.10 · Reply
  8. Oh yes, the Jil Sanders – perfect for summer! Thanks for stopping by, yes, the Upper East Side is a unique place, I lived on 70th between 1st and 2nd, so I was on the EAST UES (if you're east of Gracious Home I'm not sure you can count yourself as a real UESider – lol!)

    Published on 3.28.10 · Reply
  9. Raina Cox wrote:

    I've had a pair of sky-high black leather clogs in the back of the closet since I found out I was pregnant four years ago. Ima gonna bust 'em out this spring!

    Published on 3.28.10 · Reply
  10. Know what, I'll put on my boogie shoes and pretend we boogie together! Now, wouldn't that be lovely!!
    Have a wonderful week ahead! xoxo

    Published on 3.28.10 · Reply
  11. La Dolfina wrote:

    I'm guessing you are height challenged judging by all the sky high shoes. It's only because I AM and Miu Miu is one of my favorite go to shoes to get me up to 5'7" where I'm definitely in the boogie spirit!

    Published on 3.28.10 · Reply
  12. ZHUSH you are torturing me….as if I wasn't already so obsessed with this seasons miu miu shoes that I literally have dreams about them, NOW you dangling them in front of me here!!! What am I going to do….

    Goodnight from Paris…I am off to bed to do some more dreaming now about Spring 2010 platforms

    Published on 3.28.10 · Reply
  13. Love, Love , LOVE seeing all of that beautiful height in a shoe, it helps a petite gal! Great preview of things to scout out!

    I too am an expert at speaking "bad french", mine is usually blended with a little spanish and somehow I develop a southern accent!! I am going over next week so I am listening to my tapes, hoping, hoping, to sound a little smoother this time around.

    I must build "Zhush" into my vocabulary!

    Published on 3.28.10 · Reply
  14. Nothing like being 6'3" in my boogie shoes… but will anyone dance with me?

    Published on 3.28.10 · Reply
  15. I love the Michael Kors and Louboutin espadrilles!

    Published on 3.28.10 · Reply
  16. Oh great…think I'll take about five of these cool shoes.

    re comment I love music, I put up a different song each day to go with the post…'s fun!

    Published on 3.29.10 · Reply
  17. Those purple CL's are awesome. I want them!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following you now. 🙂

    *Check out my GIVEAWAY!!!

    Published on 3.29.10 · Reply
  18. ashlina wrote:

    oh wow. i think MIU MIU has my heart in every designer. i love their stuff. wowness.

    hope you had a great weekend dollface. AND yes! the candles, you must get one, they are so yummy.

    Published on 3.29.10 · Reply
  19. It's the Mui Mui and Jil Sanders for me–both designers are on my bookmarks list (and wish list)! But Mui Mui really outdid themselves this season with the shoes! Yumm.

    Love your blog–great variety and many smiles! Thanks for stopping by to say hello on mine!


    Published on 3.29.10 · Reply
  20. Great shoes!

    Published on 3.29.10 · Reply
  21. ThatGirl39 wrote:

    All such beautiful shoes… especially the Louboutins! x

    Published on 3.31.10 · Reply
  22. I love, love , LOVE these! I'll take them all but especially the Miu Miu black shimmer ankle straps. Just gorgeous!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm so happy to have found yours. Looking forward to following along 🙂


    Published on 4.1.10 · Reply
  23. Leah wrote:

    The Miu Miu clogs is awesome. I really like it. 🙂

    Published on 4.21.10 · Reply