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Happy Memorial Day! I’m popping in today to participate in a little “fantasy” swag bag “tag”…It started out on local author, Susie Orman Schnall’s blog, and I’ve been tagged by my friend Elizabeth of Pretty Pink Tulips, to put together a fantasy goodie bag, one that I’d want to give all my friends on a destination celebration weekend.  In my mind, our destination is South Hampton and we’re celebrating anyone’s birthday but my own…

Starting with this chic straw tote, because it’s Memorial Day after all, so why not kick things off in summery style!  Next, I’d add Susie’s new book, On Grace,
after hearing Elizabeth talk it up in person, I know it’s a read my friends and I will enjoy on the beach.

Beauty Product:

My beauty product pick would have to be this Christian Dior Dior smoothing/plumping lip balm with spf 10, mostly because it’s my current addiction!

Snack Food:

My go to snack for that late afternoon “crash” are these Mint Chocolate Ultra Lean Bars. I keep mine in the fridge and I’ve convinced myself that they taste as good as Girl Scout Thin Mints…the good news is they’re a lot healthier than cookies, made with organic fruit juices and pack a lot of protein (10grams) which can usually get me through till dinner. I love them!

Additional Item:

Finally, I’d have to throw in an item from my own shop.
These cute monogram key chains for all the ladies to use everyday as a
keepsake of our time away together, would be just the thing! (we’ve got a great Memorial Day sale going on, it ends today!)

And, now it’s my turn to “tag” another blogger to carry the torch…I’m hoping Katy of Katy Byrne Designs will share her “fantasy swag bag” next Monday!  

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  1. Happy Memorial Day, Sue! Of course, you've created a fantastic fantasy swag bag….I am ordering that CD balm and I love that key chain for upcoming birthdays!

    Thanks so much for playing "tag" and enjoy this beautiful day! xxx e

    Published on 5.26.14 · Reply
  2. Very clever! Adore the bag! Have a great day today with your family.

    Published on 5.26.14 · Reply
  3. This is fantastic! So many things I love and I will definitely have to check out that lip balm. I can't wait to have an excuse to order those keychains and other treats from your amazing site. And most of all, I hope you and your imaginary birthday gal pals enjoy reading On Grace in Southampton!!! 🙂 Thanks so much for participating on this Blog Hop. I'm so glad Elizabeth tagged you!

    Published on 5.26.14 · Reply
  4. Cindyhu wrote:

    Love the bag (and everything else!)

    Published on 5.26.14 · Reply
  5. how fun!! I love the straw tote and now curious about the book!

    Published on 5.26.14 · Reply
  6. Lovely…

    love baskets with pompons the other day I did a post about baskets with pompoms.
    Here in Portugal we have beautiful baskets.

    Published on 5.26.14 · Reply
  7. Love the key chain!

    Published on 5.27.14 · Reply