The Best Throw Pillows For Your Home

the best throw pillows

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I think these are the best looking pillows to use in your home’s decor! As I’m sure you’re already well aware, throw pillows are one the easiest and often times most budget friendly ways to update the look and style of your home. Whether your using them on a bed, sofa, love seat, or chair – throw pillows can add a fun pop of color and personality to almost any space. In fact, I even love to see throw pillows used outdoors on patio furniture and chaise lounges. So, today I’m sharing my all time favorite throw pillows. These are all the pillows, colors, fabrics and prints I love the most. I’ve been meaning to do a post on these for quite some time and finally got around to it today!

As you can see, I’m a little partial to animal prints, blue and white and monograms. But I also love a solid pop of color and of course a little soft texture to mix things up as well. Most of these pillows and fabrics I have here in my own home (and I always get a lot of questions about them both here and on Instagram). Some of these I’ll be looking to use in our upcoming beach house renovation –  (like maybe this one or this one). In other words, I consider this round up to be my throw pillow hall of fame!

PS: A few more favorite throw pillows!


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first row:    one  //  two  //  three

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third row:    one  //  two  //  three

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  1. I have quite a love affair with pillows myself … so much so that I run my own pillow shop. My husband can’t even complain about me switching out pillows all the time — it’s my job! Colorful and pattern-filled fabrics are my jam. Please check out my online shops some time!

    Published on 6.7.18 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Awesome! Checking it out now..thanks:)

      Published on 6.7.18 · Reply