The Cozy On The Couch Gift Guide

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match striker  //  door mat  //  fireplace candle

lounge hoodie  //  monogram slippers  //  leggings

monogram mug  //  bright eyes gift set  //  throw blanket


Last weekend I jokingly (but also sort of seriously) told my friends I’d see them again in the spring! That’s a tad dramatic but it’s also based on truth. Once the temps start to dip (and they’ve been dropping here in Connecticut) it gets harder and harder for me to want to leave the house, especially at night. My favorite plans are no plans and my FOGO is real.

So this year I thought I’d get a little creative with my gift guide and honor my inner couch potato. I had so much fun putting this together because everything here is either something I already own or something I want!

match strike  – I own this cute little match holder and love it. Always good to have a match on hand for candles and fire places.

door mat – I couldn’t resist adding this cute mat to the mix. Is a door mat a weird gift idea? Probably, but I wouldn’t be mad if it showed up under my tree…would you?

fireplace candle – We received this as a gift last year and the smell is spot on! Love it so much I’ll probably end up gifting it to a few fellow winter hating hermits.

lounge hoodie– I have a few Barefoot Dreams cardigans and I live in them around the house. This hoodie is so ideal for so many people on my gift list.

monogram slippers– Another great gift idea and the price is perfect!

leggings– The best compliment to a cozy night in and the aforementioned hoodie.

monogram mug– I love to give a set of mugs along with gourmet hot cocoa, tea and coffee beans.

bright eyes gift set – Beauty gifts area always a hit with my daughters and nieces.

throw blanket – Leopard plus warm, soft microfiber equals the ultimate cozy gift.


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