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Why we love Young Huh Interiors and her blog Les Design Nerdes: If you didn’t catch my previous post on why I love Young’s gorgeous interior design projects, make sure to check it out. Not only does she design chic homes, but her blog posts for Les Design Nerdes are always on point.

Young’s three favorite gift items:
1.This small elephant purple bullet bowl – “You can give some holiday sparkle with any of Waylande Gregory’s dishes and boxes. Perfect for
accessorizing a coffee or side table.”
2. These mint julep cups – “I like keeping a stock of these Silver Mint Julep
Cups to give as gifts. To a holiday party, I’ll bring a hostess a little
bouquet of flowers with fir branches and berries in a mint julep cup.
 I wrap the entire cup and bouquet in clear cellophane and tie with a
pretty ribbon hung with a handmade Christmas ornament.”
3.This fab acrylic block monogram necklace – “My blog partner Audrey and I gave
each other these Moon and Lola necklaces with our blog monogram LDN.
Anything monogrammed is such a wonderful gift because you’ve taken time
to personalize it. I love all the monogram possibilities at zhush!”

What is Young’s favorite holiday tradition?
“We go to Michigan to spend Christmas with my parents. On Christmas Eve, we decorate the tree while my mother
prepares a gorgeous meal of turkey or prime rib. We all have hot
chocolate stirred with a candy cane and sing holiday songs. After
dinner, we bake and decorate Christmas cookies using the Silver Palate shortbread hearts recipe. The kids assemble a
plate of their best cookies for Santa along with a glass of milk and
carrots for the reindeer. Later on I have a terrible time getting them to bed because they are so excited and pumped on sugar! When we
finally get them to sleep, my husband and I spend hours wrapping
presents. Even though the kids do not believe in Santa Clause anymore, he insists that we have separate Santa gifts wrapped in different paper
and cards written in Santa’s hand. (As the night wears on, Santa’s
writing starts looking like Mom’s!) We put the gifts around the tree and
eat Santa’s cookies (leave crumbs), drink the milk and take bites out
of the carrots. What compels us to leave evidence of Santa’s visit for
non-believing and now much older children- I can’t explain beyond habit
and tradition.  Exhausted, my husband and I stumble into bed, hopefully
with our teeth brushed, to dream of sugarplum fairies and snowflakes. When the kids wake up Christmas morning, they make us laugh by still
going through the charade of saying, ‘Look! Santa ate the cookies and
the reindeer ate the carrots!’ ”

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  1. So NICE…LOVE your blog.

    Published on 11.25.13 · Reply
  2. Love this series and thanks for the intro to Young!

    Published on 11.25.13 · Reply
  3. LOVE Young and her work – and her design blog with Audrey is fabulous!

    Published on 11.26.13 · Reply
  4. Young you're so stylish! Love your gift picks!

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