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I came across the above image over on Pinterest and tracked it down to this video over at House and Home…seriously, check out what this designer did with just 400 square feet ~ so incredibly inspiring!

We have a few “dressy” events on the calendar this fall, to know me is to know how much I dread putting on a dress… I just bought this chic and flattering black jumpsuit – now I just need to work up the nerve to actually wear it!

Speaking of nerve, I can’t get enough of Jersey Belle on Bravo! I’m a born and bred New Yorker (soon to be Connecitut-er?) with a soft spot for all things Southern (monograms, mint juleps, drawls and fancy china, just to name a few) I feel like this show was tailor made for me! I love how the “Jersey girl” protagonist, Jamie, has a great sense of humor and is completely self aware…yes, I do realize that I’m breaking down a reality show like it’s Shakespeare…

And, speaking of break downs, I’m completely overwhelmed with our upcoming move, the start of the school year (and endless after school activities for my three kids) running this blog, the store, etc.,  I’m trying out a new system to stay on top of things and hopefully be more organized (ie. an old school portable paper calendar/planner) I’d love to hear what works for you?! Have a great weekend!

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  1. LOVE that bedroom! I also think you will be very chic in that jumper and will definitely be able to pull it off without even trying! I remember telling my girls please only pick one activity that they really love so that we aren't driving all over creation. They are even saying now that kids need down time to regenerate the brain and ll the running around isnt good for them, Hah its not good for the Mom either-LOL!

    Published on 9.12.14 · Reply
  2. I loved this whole apartment. It was promptly ripped out and put front and center on my inspiration board. 🙂 Let me know how the new organization track works. I'm up for any suggestions. 🙂

    Published on 9.12.14 · Reply
  3. That jumpsuit is such a gorgeous alternative to a LBD! Love!!

    Published on 9.12.14 · Reply
  4. Sue I love to see what can be done with tiny spaces!
    You must wear that jumpsuit. It is fabulous and can take you anywhere with great style!

    The Arts by Karena

    Published on 9.12.14 · Reply
  5. Anonymous wrote:

    Thanks so much for posting an image of my studio apartment and have a great weekend!
    love your blog and online store…
    Alison Pringle

    Published on 9.12.14 · Reply
  6. Love that bedroom. Just saw the Jersey Belle being interviewed by my imaginary boyfriend, Andy Cohen. She was great. Will definitely tune in and watch her. Have a great weekend.

    Published on 9.12.14 · Reply
  7. Looove that video! Esp since, like two ships passing in the night, we're leaving CT and heading to NYC 🙂

    ps…I've got a Jersey Belle story for ya next time we get together 😉

    Published on 9.12.14 · Reply