Throw Pillow Favorites

throw pillow favorites

blue animal print pillow  //  velvet Greek key pillow
antelope print lumbar pillow
Greek key printed pillow  //  tassel and stripe pillow
velvet animal print pillow  //  tiger print velvet pillow



Just a quick round up of some of my current favorite throw pillows! Some of these I already own (like this one and several of these!) and some of them I’ve got my eye on (like this bolster and these beauties) and some I just love because they’re just SO pretty.

On a side note, I can’t help but notice how Jen Welch of Bravo’s Sweet Home refers to these throw pillows as “toss pillows!” ….what? Is this a Jenn Welch thing, an Oklahoma thing or what? I’ve never heard them called that? Have you?

Find even more throw pillow inspiration here!



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  1. Cole dena wrote:

    Lol. I have worked in a furniture retail store for over 14 years growing up and we used the toss and throw interchangeable. Not sure if it had to do with size or the company was based in Texas. Personally, I like “throw pillow” better.
    LOVE all of your picks! I want them all. Lol

    Published on 1.3.19 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      OH! So Texans say it too then? Thanks!:)

      Published on 1.5.19 · Reply