Time to Zhush up the Dining Room with Kaarskoker

The Holidays are coming, and I am starting to think about getting our house ready. Our never ending renovation project is thankfully looking like it may indeed someday end. I now find myself looking for small details and accessories that will really make the rooms pop, and lend a personal touch as well.

For quite some time I had been looking for some ideas for the Dining Room. I had some candles placed out on a tray, with some lovely Murano glassware, but the whole thing seemed a little bland.

Then I came across an interesting idea on the Peak of Chic Blog. The post was all about an innovative decorator who came up with the idea of adding lovely color and prints to the candle stick sleeves of light fixtures. Chandeliers and sconces alike were transformed with the designers fabulous paper sleeves. Intrigued, I clicked over to her website, www.Kaarskoker.com, to learn more.

Not only were there dozens of lovely photos illustrating how and where to use these fun accessories, but there were actual bronze and silver candlesticks designed for this purpose for sale as well.

Excited by the idea of adding these to my Dining Room vignette, I started to look at the myriad of choices of decorative sleeves available. This was exactly what I was looking for!

As you can see, they have recently arrived. I wasted no time in unpacking them and adding them to my Dining Room. A huge improvement!

Here is a close up showing how fabulous her designs are. There are dozens to choose from.

Even without all the bells and whistles of flowers and lit candle flames, I think these terrific accessories added some much needed flair to my Dining Room.

A great idea that is catching on, I also saw a write up of the Kaarskoker candles on Coco+Kelley. (This blog has a give away and a promo code for Kaarskoker as well. )

Now, about that chandelier…..

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