Velvet Crush


New York Fashion Week, September issues, The Rachel Zoe Project, it’s hard not to talk about fashion this week, so I thought I would join the conversation with my latest obsession…velvet shoes!  The very idea of shoes made out of velvet seems so “over the top” decadent.  I’ve never owned a pair, and this season they seem to be everywhere, tempting me at every turn.  It’s hard to pick a favorite, but those moc croc navy blue loafers from Stubbs and Wootton might be calling my name…

charlotte olympia
alexander mcqueen
pierre hardy
stubbs & wootton

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  1. Just love the Stubbs & Wooten velvet flats!! I saw several tempting pairs there recently. Normally I rarely wear flats, although I may have to work around that this season since there are so many cute ones!!

    Published on 9.7.11 · Reply
  2. David Toms wrote:

    The first two get my vote! The only thing with velvet is that it would be haard to keep looking pristine!

    Published on 9.7.11 · Reply
  3. Mai wrote:

    I'll take the second ones please! So excited about fashion week!

    Published on 9.7.11 · Reply
  4. Love the flats you like since I can't wear heels as high as the first couple.

    Published on 9.7.11 · Reply
  5. Cara wrote:

    I'll take anything from Charlotte Olympia!

    Lilac and Grey

    Published on 9.7.11 · Reply
  6. Those Pierre Hardy shoes are amazing. I just purchased a velvet blazer and think I need to invest in a pair of velvet shoes. Love!

    Published on 9.7.11 · Reply
  7. so pretty–perfect for fall! xoxo jillian:: enter to win Upper Metal Class Jewelry

    Published on 9.7.11 · Reply
  8. Wives wrote:

    ok, i think youve convinced me. i pretty much NEED a pair of Stubbs and Wooten

    Published on 9.7.11 · Reply
  9. Erika ~TiptoeButterfly~ wrote:

    i LOVE velvet! huge lust items!

    Published on 9.7.11 · Reply
  10. I Dream Of wrote:

    I drool! Love the red ones. Dior also makes a gorgeous blue pair…

    Be still my heart!

    Published on 9.7.11 · Reply
  11. Kwana wrote:

    So many to love but I'll take the flats please.

    Published on 9.7.11 · Reply
  12. Stitchfork wrote:

    Love the blue Stubbs and Wooten – I could wear those!
    xo Cathy

    Published on 9.7.11 · Reply
  13. I've always associated velvet shoes with men's black tie wear and slipper but would love those Stubbs and Wooten in my closet!

    Published on 9.7.11 · Reply
  14. Kathy wrote:

    Those Pierre Hardy shoes are beautiful !

    Published on 9.7.11 · Reply
  15. I'm picturing my velvet shoes with a silk dress for a night out on the town.

    Published on 9.7.11 · Reply
  16. Oh the love I have for loafers!

    Published on 9.7.11 · Reply
  17. those first heels are faint worthy. love love love them. great post. I've got a new outfit post. would love to hear what you think. thanks love. xoxo

    Published on 9.8.11 · Reply
  18. I have a few pairs and I looove them! xx

    Published on 9.9.11 · Reply
  19. Saw this post on Daily Buzz Style…love those Erdem shoes!

    Published on 2.1.12 · Reply