Warm Weather Beauty Picks

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I’m such a creature of habit, and my beauty routine is no different…my favorite drugstore picks and my favorite high end products are very much still a part of my everyday life. But, with this brutal winter finally behind us, this spring I’m feeling the urge to mix things up a bit.

Further to last week’s post on my dread of dress shopping, (in addition to spanx and heels) I’ve taken the attitude that if can’t tone it…tan it! Of course I’m not referring to damaging sun rays. Some of my friends have started to seek out professional, salon spray tans, but for me, the thought of subjecting myself to this ordeal has me feeling a bit, um, modest. Thankfully, I remembered two great products from last year’s quest for color: Jergens Natural Glow and Bronze Goddess…both are playing a big role in my skin care regimen right now.

A few more current beauty obsessions include my new favorite warm weather hairspray, a gorgeous and long wearing new nail color, this lip balm (I can’t get enough of the pink grapefruit scent) and speaking of scents, I sniffed a sample of Byredo’s Flowerhead recently and it was fabulous. Finally, this subtle shimmery gloss and this lovely hand lotion are rounding out all my new found favorites…what’s making up your list of faves for Spring?

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  1. BLOW Pro and Burt's Bees products are the bomb!
    I want to try some of the others = )

    Published on 4.23.14 · Reply