Wednesday Wants

 I have so many happy memories tied in to this landmark, iconic store…getting my haircut on the top floor, after hours, when I was just starting out in New York (at the time Frederik Fekkai trainees offered a deeply discounted deal AND you got to sneak into the store after closing!)  enjoying a lovely brunch with my “maid of honor” hours before my wedding, celebrity spotting…Anna Wintour (rode alone in the elevator with her…twice!) Sarah Jessica Parker, tried to stalk her in ready to wear, until she was whisked away to a private fitting area…well, the list goes on and on, and every New Yorker that loves fashion probably has a similar one, which is part of the appeal of this movie! Really want to go see this…it’s opening in a few days in NYC.  Until I get the chance, I’ll gladly take the book as a primer (Mother’s Day hint alert) Blogger field trip anyone?  Who’s with me:)

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  1. So happy you posted this!!! Can't wait to see it!

    Published on 5.1.13 · Reply