Wednesday Wants: Fall Fashion Staples

Yesterday, I had one of those days where I felt like I had to be too many places at once and was running ten minutes late for all of them. While I dread days like that, when I’m feeling “spread too thin” I do appreciate having a few fall back items in my closet that I know I can grab in a pinch, throw on and still feel relatively put together.  Like most mom’s I know, I’m running around so much, that comfort is also a priority.  For me, a no brainer outfit looks a lot like the one Charlize Theron is  wearing (so beautifully) in the image above.  Black skinny jeans are a must in my closet, along with a basic black yet chic tee (I have these in every color they make, love em’ so much) and then an open cardigan to finish it all off.  Throw on some flats or some boots and I’m good to go.  If time permits, I’ll accessorize just like Charlize here with this chunky gold cuff bracelet or a long necklace. This is basically my fall uniform, aside from the occasional poncho day or cable knit sweater look, I’ll switch the black skinnies out for denim and mix up the colors of my tee and cardigans…it might be boring for some, but for me it’s really what works best.  What’s your go to fall uniform look like?

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  1. Love this look and this is my day to day look too…love the gray. I have a zillion cardigan, t shirts and any skinny pants that make me look a little lighter are worth their weight in gold!! Hope you are well…..

    Published on 10.9.13 · Reply
  2. You've just described my fall wardrobe exactly! Although I'm always in denim. Maybe I'll throw a pair of black skinnies into the mix now, too.

    Published on 10.9.13 · Reply