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One of the best “insider design” tips I’ve ever received is the simple idea of using only all white towels. What makes this advice truly an insider tip, aside from the clean and chic affect here, is the actual source of these towels: Macy’s. Even top tier designers have been known to use Macy’s Hotel Collection towels in their installations. This has been confirmed by designer friends through the years and re-confirmed by several magazine articles. Last year, when it came time for me to buy new linens, I purchased these towels and couldn’t be happier with the quality, not to mention the price. Do you stick to an all white palette?

Images via: AtHomeArkansas/ HouseBeautiful / Domino / iVillage

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  1. pve design wrote:

    Yes, I do have all white and recently added gray towels but after my daughter and her friends dipped the ends of their hair in PINK for October Breast Cancer Awareness….I have some PINK towels now too!:)

    Published on 10.17.12 · Reply
  2. Yes, I do…but not this brand! Thanks for the tip!

    Published on 10.17.12 · Reply
  3. Cara wrote:

    Yes-all white towels in our house! Everyone who stays over says they feel like they stay in a hotel 😉
    Lilac and Grey

    Published on 10.17.12 · Reply
  4. Al wrote:

    To be honest, I don't use all white. With a 6 & 4 year old, that could be dangerous. I can dream though… Beautiful post. Have a wonderful day. -Al

    Published on 10.17.12 · Reply
  5. I love all white. The boys get white with their names and a fun design, as they share a bathroom…and I do love a monogram. But, white is the only color for me!

    xoxo E

    Published on 10.17.12 · Reply
  6. White towels are so classic, crisp, and refined. Great post and great quote by Myra Hoefer. Have a great day and as always, stop by when you can.


    Published on 10.17.12 · Reply
  7. mikky wrote:

    We mostly have white towels. However, for fun we have some coloured ones and patterned ones too. It's always fun to spice it up a bit sometimes. Especially in the powderroom, it's nice to change things up with a different look. This summer there were some neon lime towels out and I bought the handtowel version and got so many compliments on it.


    Published on 10.17.12 · Reply