Wednesday Wants

Let’s all have a gold star day! These sparkly studs are calling my name…with so many different options and at almost every price level, I think it’s time my jewelry wardrobe got a celestial upgrade.  Which one’s your favorite?

                                            top pair:   $36.00 (part of the Bauble Bar party trio anniversary set)
                                                          upper left:   $240.00
                                                          lower left:   $275.00
                                                        upper right:   $825.00
                                                          lower left:   $5,285.00

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  1. Cory Grant wrote:


    Thanks for the post. It was very interesting and meaningful.

    Published on 2.20.13 · Reply
  2. Tibs wrote:

    I love studs, especially sparkly ones! If i could afford I would take the lower right ones 🙂

    Published on 2.20.13 · Reply
  3. These are charming and of course I honed right in on the two most expensive!!

    Published on 2.20.13 · Reply
  4. ooh i love these!

    Published on 2.20.13 · Reply
  5. Such a cute little bit of whimsy!

    Published on 2.21.13 · Reply