Wednesday Wants

I’m having one of those weeks where I’m constantly on the phone with a bank or insurance company and the only words I’ve actually exchanged with my friends have all been through texts!  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could somehow switch this scenario around?  In this techno age, it’s so nice to get a handwritten note every now and then.  Today, I’m stocking up on my depleted stationery stash, with these simple and chic cards (found via internet natch) over at Kate Spade.

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  1. court wrote:

    It's so funny—I begrudgingly wrote thank you notes and correspondance cards as a kid (forced by my mother at every birthday and holiday etc). Now, I love stationery and often send quick cards to fam/friends, and even still hand write thank you notes to my clients. It's something that's so engrained in me that I don't think anything of it.

    What's stunning is reaction from friends and clients. My regional manager's secretary said that in the 10 years of working for my company did she ever get a thank you card from one of her reps. My simple gesture meant the world to her. A handwritten hello or thank you is always memorable and makes the recipient feel special.

    I'm holding onto that tradition tightly and cute stationery like this makes it so easy!

    Published on 8.22.12 · Reply
  2. Albertina wrote:

    I'm the biggest snail mail fan using any opportunity flaunt my stationery and send a sweet hello. I know how excited I get to get something in the mail that is beautiful at the same time. So exciting!! I ven love addressing the envelope!

    Published on 8.22.12 · Reply
  3. I LOVE these cards. There is nothing nicer than a handwritten note. Especially from a man because it is so unexpected. Keep the tradition alive!

    Published on 8.22.12 · Reply
  4. marni zarr wrote:

    LOVE these! i don't think anyone can have too much stationary. do you??? 😉

    Published on 8.22.12 · Reply