Wednesday Wants

Yesterday, I was at a fashion accessory trade show in New York all day.  Only to be followed by walking around Manhattan for several hours afterward…needless to say, my feet are not feeling so great right now.  Picking the right pair of shoes for these trade shows is always a bit tricky for me (and I can’t bring myself to wear sneakers, no matter how stylish),  of course I don’t wear heels…but some how after hours and hours traipsing around, even my go-to comfortable yet cute flats start to literally rub me the wrong (blisters on the back) way.  While I was leaving the show I ran into a friend…she was looking so cute in these flats (and not hobbling and complaining like me) that I instantly had a shoe envy moment.  When I complimented her on these very shoes (found online this morning!) my friend told me that these were her “show shoes” and she swears by them…lucky for me, they are now on sale.  I just scooped up a pair as an early Mother’s Day gift to myself, and hopefully these will become my trusty new trade “show shoes” as well.  Do you have a pair of go-to flats for days when you’ll be on your feet for hours?  Do you do the sneaker thing?

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  1. the only time I wear sneakers is when I am working out…

    Published on 5.8.13 · Reply
  2. i love my TB ballet's – you'll love em' too

    Published on 5.8.13 · Reply
  3. So cute…I love my Tory flats but sometimes even they hurt my feet. Have you heard about Tieks? Amazingly comfortable!! I wore mine for a long walk around the Botanical Gardens the other day and was amazed that they never once bothered my feet – I even kept them on when I got home and realized in the evening that I never had the typical desire to kick off uncomfortable shoes. (the lack of support when walking a lot in flats is another story entirely and one I have yet to figure out).

    Have a great day!

    Published on 5.8.13 · Reply
    • Hi Sandy! YES! I do know Tieks, I have several flip flops from Tieks, might be time for me to try the flats, great tip, thanks!

      Published on 5.8.13 · Reply
  4. You convinced me! Just ordered these TB Ballets! I AM guilty of the sneaker thing. Foot pain is miserable and it is hard to look cute when you are limping and your face is snarled in pain.

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  6. Leslie wrote:

    I actually do better with a little more support (when I've got serious shopping/walking to do:) so I go with a little wedge. These are adorable flats and I haven't seen them! Thanks for the heads up about the sale Susan!


    Published on 5.8.13 · Reply
  7. They're simply adorable! Wish I they had my size!

    Published on 5.8.13 · Reply
  8. I love these flats! They are comfortable. May I make a recommendation? I use it everytime I al walking for long distances or wearing new shoes, Band Aid Friction Block! It is the best product ever and even better it really works. I believe Dr. Scholls has something similar.

    Here is a link:

    Enjoy your shoes!

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    • WOW Elizabeth! Great tip! I am going to look into this product, as the back of my heels literally still hurt! thanks so much!

      Published on 5.10.13 · Reply