Weekend Wrap Up

May arrived in a wet chilly blur around here…Hopefully things will brighten up and warm up soon-it certainly doesn’t feel like Memorial Day weekend is coming up! In addition to a lot of hot tea and rain boots- here’s what caught my eye recently:

this super cozy (and flattering pullover)

surprising things to buy and do at Costco

an inspiring new book on entertaining.

so intrigued by this Diana Vreeland candle.

eight TED talks you need to watch.


my latest Instagram crush….she even has a new book out!

home stretch of the One Room Challenge!

 -ten flower arranging tips


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  1. I disagree with the title of "the only 8 TED Talks you need to watch." I love TED Talks, so 8 isn't nearly enough. And they missed some of my favorites: Amy Cuddy on power positions; Sugata Mitra on how kids can teach themselves, and so many more. I subscribe to the TED Radio Hour podcast and end up listening to talks about many things I thought I wasn't interested in, but thanks to the talks I learn something fascinating every time.

    Published on 5.6.16 · Reply
    • Thanks for the rec! – now subscribing to the podcast as well!

      Published on 5.7.16 · Reply
  2. Published on 5.6.16 · Reply
  3. Emily wrote:

    I get so confused about water temperature for flowers. I've always used lukewarm, but then Jenny from Little Green Notebook recently did a flower 101 post and she says use very, very cold water! I have found if you put the flowers in the fridge every night that they last longer, but this doesn't always work for a large arrangement. the pasta sounds amazing, but minus the meat for this vegetarian!

    Published on 5.6.16 · Reply
    • imagine a fridge in your home just for flowers? That would be something:)

      Published on 5.7.16 · Reply
  4. Thank you 🙂

    Published on 5.9.16 · Reply
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