Weekend Wrap Up

Yay! We made it through the first week of 2016 – one of the toughest weeks of the year, every year. Coming off a school or work break, in our case both-and coming back from sunny Florida to the now seasonal frozen temps (unopened bills stacked, laundry and holiday decor and remnants every where) re-entry is never easy.

Above is my kitchen, it was also my most “liked” photo on Instagram in 2015-you probably saw those “2015 Best Nine” on your feed. I actually thought people were going back and checking which of their photos were the most liked, which seemed pretty tedious, until one of my daughters clued me in to this site – it just easily generates it for you (if your interested: go here). It’s pretty cool to see the best nine come up!

I spent A LOT of time online last weekend, in a fun “quasi” productive way – here’s some of the  things that grabbed my attention:

26 Organizing Tips That Actually Work

Small Space Designer Tricks

– It’s boot season, which means I only want to look at sandals! Like these go with everything metallic block heels these neutral suede and cork wedges and OBSESSED with these tasseled 

Been living in these jeans.

Lauren’s Interior Design Inspiration Pinterest round upthanks for including me!

fuzzy GOLD slippers!

My favorite sources for well priced, white fluffy towels.

Some inspiration if your looking to decorate a console table.


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  1. luv2felt wrote:

    I have one question about the towels (which I am interested in!). What I have experienced with towels like these that have the woven band across them, is that it shrinks so much that the towel has this narrow part after a few washings and dryings. Can you tell me if these shrink at that spot? thanks!

    Published on 1.8.16 · Reply
    • OK, so I went and checked my towels. I always wash them first before using them, so it's hard to tell if they shrank from the original size, but I think I know what you're talking about-sometimes that band has some pinched areas and I don't see any on mine. Hope that helps. thanks.

      Published on 1.9.16 · Reply
  2. Love what you did with your home I am sure it was tops for instagram!

    Published on 1.8.16 · Reply
  3. Thanks for the links, Sue…I am not surprised at all that your kitchen photo was the most liked – it is gorgeous! Have a great weekend!xoxo

    Published on 1.8.16 · Reply
  4. Well, you already know I adore your kitchen! NO surprise that it was your top photo for 2015! Love all these tidbits and am going to do a little looking/shopping at the shoes and jeans!

    Have a great weekend!


    Published on 1.9.16 · Reply