Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Friday! Well, we’re on the other side of daylight savings and I’m not happy about it. The temps are slowly dropping and it’s dark out far too early. I can feel my winter blues creeping up on me. Shouldn’t we get rid of this whole daylight savings thing already? I did a deep dive into the whole topic and it’s been around for a whole lot longer than I thought…

-Daylight Savings Time Is Even Weirder Than You Think.

-10 Fresh and Colorful Ideas For Your Thanksgiving Table.

-A cashmere sweater (warm!) that looks like a blouse (chic!) 

-Hostess Gift Ideas.

-10 Dieting Tricks That Are Super Unhealthy.

-Favorite Picks From The Private Sale At Bloomingdale’s (going on now).

-Just ordered this black cropped mock neck sweater.

-Tips For Taming Your Wild Facebook Feed.

-My all time FAVORITE belt.

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  1. The thing is, we're now in Standard time. Daylight savings is the exception. Without it, we would be dealing with sunrise even earlier in summer. Count your blessings–when I lived in Belgium, it felt like the days consisted of gray dawn and gray dusk, with nothing in between (but more gray). The sun rises late and sets early. And it's even worse the farther north you go. I also lived on the equator–the length of sunshine changed only by a few minutes from solstice to solstice–of course they have 12 hours of sun and 12 hours of night.

    Published on 11.10.17 · Reply