Weekend Wrap Up

First off, thanks so much for all the amazing tips and recommendations for my upcoming trip to Paris!

I’ve done very little reading and internet browsing this week, instead, I’ve mostly been consumed with binge watching both Love and Master Of None on Netflix before bed every night.  But, I did manage to find a few things online that caught my eye….

Real Romance: What It looks like after ten years of marriage.

How to fall asleep fast (hint: don’t watch Netflix in bed on your iPad!)

The best most comprehensive blogging advice I’ve ever read.

Neutral sandals with a stunning heel. #need #want

Eight Online Sources For Throw Pillows (thanks for including zhush.com!)

Tempted to try my hand at DYI style with these jeans as my inspo.

Our black, white and brass powder room before and after.

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  1. Emily wrote:

    I'm really happy stacked heels are in at the moment. So comfy!
    And I'm loving "Love" too!

    Published on 2.26.16 · Reply
  2. I adore those sandals. I spent all last summer looking for just the right nude (came up empty). Stacked heels that aren't too high are perfect.
    I have more tricks for falling asleep. One I taught in a relaxation class at a hospital: you squeeze your toes, release, squeeze release. Then your whole foot. Then your calf. Then your calf, foot and toes. Then your thigh. Etc. You work upward, squeezing a specific small set of muscles at a time, then all together. It releases endorphins, which makes you feel good. And you are focusing on the process, which clears your mind of the worries that can keep you up.
    Another method: try to get a toddler to fall asleep (and stay in bed–if you just walk out, here they come a few minutes later). I would just sit on the floor by the bed (basically playing policeman), trying not to make a sound, barely breathing. If you try to stay that completely still, you eventually fall asleep! Before the toddler usually.

    Published on 2.26.16 · Reply
  3. Wow just skimmed over the blogging article and wow that is comprehensive and one I will have to go back to…you can never stop learning:) Great sandals…may need to treat myself, they are so me and neutral goes a long way. Enjoy your weekend!

    Published on 2.27.16 · Reply
  4. Can't wait to read over that blogging article. Thanks for including my pillow round-up!! Hope you are having fun watching the Oscars.xx

    Published on 2.29.16 · Reply