Weekend Wrap Up

This week kicked my but – like only the week after a vacation can –womp, womp. Speaking of my trip…where I stayed in Paris and what I did, saw, ate and shopped.
A few more things from around the web:
Week Four of the One Room Challenge. (I’ll be catching up on everyone this weekend.)
An interesting read about Snapchat (add me @thezhush if you’re on it too!)
 –Caring for and washing your bras…(my instincts were right, were yours?)
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  1. Have a great Friday.

    Published on 4.29.16 · Reply
  2. I thought, command hooks and cords? And I pictured those horrid things that people would stick to the top of baseboards in houses where the landlord didn't want to rewire and just ran extension cords around the rooms. But this is brilliant!

    Published on 4.29.16 · Reply
  3. Emily wrote:

    I fell in love with command products one holiday season several years ago, and now I use their products all of time. I love to hang pictures with the strips, and using hooks to hide cords is brilliant! Enjoyed reading the bra article too!

    Published on 4.30.16 · Reply