Work From Home Outfit Ideas


Taking a break from home project posts today, to talk about some outfit ideas if your working from home right now.

Work from home outfit ideas, apparently also now known as WFHO, who knew?


Work From Home Outfit Ideas

cotton jersey top  // twill joggers  //  cardigan  //  slip on sneakers


Work From Home Outfit Ideas


In a period of unprecedented events, people are struggling to keep their composure and maintain perspective.

By setting a productive tone for the day when you’re working from home, you’re setting yourself up for success.

Extra bonus, getting dressed will make you feel a little better about yourself throughout this crazy moment in history.

Especially as more companies are being forced to provide a work from home setup to employees for safety reasons.

Many people are now enjoying the lack of a commute and a more relaxed atmosphere where they can focus.

However, you don’t want to be the person who suddenly realizes that it’s been over a week since you wore anything but pajamas (trust me!)

Especially as this situation unfolds, dressing for success while working from home can be important.

Of course it doesn’t mean lounging on your couch in a suit.

You can still embrace your personal style from the comfort of your home office.

These are a few ideas as to how you can keep to a dress code at home, while still being casual and comfortable. 

And, try to embrace the new work from home lifestyle.



Work From Home Outfit Ideas open front casual cardiganopen front cardigan- one of my personal favorite work from home outfit ideas





1. Change out of your pajamas.

At a bare minimum, every morning you should change out of your pajamas before you start working.

This will give you a clear moment  so you can shift from your morning routine to your into your workday mode.

It also makes it easier to settle down and start working.

Regardless of what you choose to wear, make sure that it is in fact different than the t-shirt that you wore to bed last night.


2. Why not embrace your personal style with your work from home outfits.

Depending on what your work dress code is, it might not be reasonable to expect you to wear exactly what you wear to work when you’re working from home.

But you do have a wardrobe, and every morning, you should pick something that will make you feel good.

It could be that you have a really busy day and need to feel productive so you put on your favorite power outfit that makes you feel strong.

But, it could be also be that you have a lot of boring, mindless tasks to get done, and you just want to be comfortable.

Whatever your day holds, make a wardrobe decision in the morning that reflects the type of day you have ahead of you.

I know a lot of people don’t consider jeans as something super comfortable to wear, but I tend to disagree.

When I’m looking to change things up I always reach for these Madewell Curvy High Rise skinny jeans.

The high rise and extra stretch are my idea of very comfortable. Highly recommend!



Work From Home Outfit Ideas skinny stretch Madewell jeansAnother favorite: Madewell Curvy High Rise skinny jeans.



3. Dress up for conference calls.

This doesn’t necessarily mean putting on a 3 piece suit, but at the moment, we’re all leading mostly indoor lives.

Since we’re not given many reasons to get dressed up at the moment, use video calls as an excuse!

Do your hair and makeup, put on what you might normally wear to work or even just out with friends, and turn on your video camera.

You’d be amazed how much better you feel when you have on a coordinated outfit.

Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer from Beauty Counter



4. Don’t do the half dressed technique.

You’ve probably heard people laughing about a time where they were too lazy to get fully dressed and they decided to put on a professional looking top and wore sweatpants (or no pants) below where the camera could see.

When you go to get dressed in the morning as you work from home, follow through and get fully dressed.

It sets the tone for the day- if you can’t even finish getting dressed in the morning, how can you expect to finish anything else that day?


white buttondown womens top

5. In conclusion…

Ultimately, I see working from home as a privilege.

Having worked both in an office with a commute in New York City for years, and now in my own home, I can appreciate this set up.

Hopefully, if you’re able to work from home, you’ll come to appreciate it’s merits as well.

Friends from Los Angeles to New York all have differing opinions on everything right now, but we all can agree we’re grateful our jobs allow us to still work from home!


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