Happy Valentines Day!  I’ve come full circle with my feelings about Valentine’s Day.  This year, I’m changing up my attitude and approaching the whole thing through the eyes of my children.  I mean, it’s one full day dedicated to love notes, flowers and chocolate, OK…why not?!  Hope you all have a lovely one~
ps: it’s the eyes of my children, but I still have the ears of an adult, crushing hard on this song today.
pps: very happy + heart filled Birthday wishes to my stitchie and sweet sister-in-law!

Images via: Ban.do, RueMag, MaxWanger

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  1. Debby wrote:

    Hope you have a beautiful Valentines Day, Sue. Some of the best Valentines cards I ever received were handmade from my kids when they were small. xoxo

    Published on 2.14.12 · Reply
  2. Sue,
    Yes, thankfully kids of all ages love today! Happy Valentine's Day to you!!!

    Published on 2.14.12 · Reply
  3. Aw, thanks, Sue! I think your brother has some lovely (but currently top secret) plans for me today. 🙂 And your folks got me TWO cross-stitch magazine subscriptions — woo hoo! Happy Valentine's Day! xo

    Published on 2.14.12 · Reply
  4. My thoughts exactly! Happy Valentine's Day 🙂

    Published on 2.14.12 · Reply
  5. Happy love day!! xoxoxo

    Published on 2.14.12 · Reply
  6. I still love this day and all that it brings, it's fun! Happy Valentine's Day to you Sue and your family!


    Published on 2.14.12 · Reply
  7. Cute post! Happy V-Day!

    Published on 2.14.12 · Reply