Your Beautiful Laundrette

Back in 2008, when we renovated our home, our original laundry room became what is now my office.  We had to create a new laundry room using a very small space.  I had high hopes that this new room could be as chic as it was functional.  This was before pinterest and all the images it affords us as inspiration and as a means of illustrating your hopes for your own home to others, namely contractors.

For some reason, despite the small size, no one seemed to get the gist of what I had planned for this room.  I was discouraged from getting a counter top over the machines as it was deemed a hassle in the event that the washer or dryer needed repair.  We had a major leak from an incorrect fitting within a week of installation and the tiles had to be re-done, at which point, an awkward trough for holding leaks was constructed.  Above the machines, faulty cabinets had to be re-done twice, only to be removed permanently, it seems our laundry room was cursed.  Now that it’s been almost five years later, you’d think I’d be over this small design bump in the road…I mean the rest of our house came out great.  But no, I still find myself staring at beautiful laundry rooms on pinterest and wondering how it is that everybody else can get this room so right?  The last image is our laundry room, it’s not awful, I love the wallpaper, but still…Do you ever torture yourself like this?

Images via: Design Transformations, Home and Garden, Desire To IDesire to Inspire, Sue Ellen Gregory

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  1. You are so funny! and yes having all these beautiful images at your fingertips no matter the time of day is complete torture. I love that first image.

    Published on 5.14.13 · Reply
  2. Raina Cox wrote:

    An old client had the laundry room to end all laundry rooms. It was the size of a large master bedroom and had a crystal chandelier hanging smack in the middle over an old French farmhouse table (for the folding of said laundry). I think that room will be in my flashback reel as I draw my last breath.

    Published on 5.14.13 · Reply
  3. Love your inspiration photos. I have been drooling over that bird wallpaper for some time and it looks fab in a laundry room. Mine needs a facelift as well…strange how the room I spend the most time in seems to keep falling to the bottom of the list!

    Published on 5.14.13 · Reply
  4. I love this post because it is very very interesting.Thanks you very much for shearing this article

    Published on 5.14.13 · Reply
  5. pve design wrote:

    I do it everyday. Laundry and the toture of "shoulda, coulda, woulda!"
    I blame pinteterest.

    Published on 5.14.13 · Reply
  6. Stacey wrote:

    I must have that butterfly wallpaper! I am smitten with it! Yes, pinterest will do that to ya!:-)

    Published on 5.15.13 · Reply
  7. Erika wrote:

    Agreed, for a room that has to be functional, laundries can be very hard to get right. Ours is a very basic stone/white palette with narrow timber shelves over the sink and a wider slatted shelf near the roof for buckets, baskets, etc. Have you considered getting a shell made for over the machines? Essentially an inverted U painted white, material to the front (same as the basin) and light enough to be moved. That may just give you the bit of streamlining to bring it back together.

    Published on 5.15.13 · Reply
  8. Meghan wrote:

    I am currently weeping into my hands at my desk (well, not quite but I am certainly despairing). We live in such a tiny shoebox house that I have to make do with my washing machine under my kitchen sink, slap bang right in the middle of the kitchen… which happens to be a few steps away from the lounge. So when the washing machine is on, you can't hear the television and telephone conversations have to be conducted upstairs! How I long for a room dedicated just to laundry! Any one of these beauties would do me nicely. Including your butterfly wallpaper!

    Published on 5.15.13 · Reply